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basic editor done

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been doing some rethinking on the map format and how I want to go about handling the levels. Ive been wanting to make my own editor for a while now, and so i decided to just start with that. Well the editor works alot better then I expected. I will have to work on multi-layering and making a much better tileset then what I have now currently of course. Right now I can zoom in-out, and I can hold control down for a 4x4 tiles i can write to at once. Its more then enough for now.

ive been programming everything in most c style, and ive been also converting almost everything in my game to classes, and its been a huge difference in overal organization.

last small bit wich I will work on further maybe later is my small rpg element to the game wich you can get different weapons and gear wich shows up visibly on the character. More on that later I guess.
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