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"Damnit Raymond, where have you been?"

Well, I've been working on loads of stuff for Project 2

"Ahh, well let's see it then."

Actually, I can't show you because it would give away things I am waiting to announce for the kick-off.

"So when is this 'kick-off' anyway?"

It is schedueled for June 2006.

"So what should I expect?"


  • A formal announcement on GDNet

  • The pre-launch website

  • A synopsis of the completed story

  • All new screens of the completed S3Engine

  • You will finaly know the title of the game

  • [potentially] A chance to join and help make Project2 a reality

  • "Wait, wait... you didin't do this with Morning's Wrath."

    Nope, we sure didin't, but this is being done because we want to have some exclusivity news releases with certain news sources. Plus we want to make the kick-off sorta grand =D

    "So you know the game name, most of the story, and all those other juicy details, plus art and screens you arn't showing us. And we can't see them till JUNE!?"

    Pretty much =)


    It's okay, the wait will make it even better =D
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    This is part one of an eight-part series in which Raymond interviews himself.

    Tune in tomorrow when you'll hear the answer to such questions as "When can we share in the brilliance that is your next game?" and "What makes you so fabulous?"

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    That is a great idea!

    We can also add questions such as:

    "how did you manage to succeed where others often fail?"


    "why are you are full of yourself?"

    or maybe

    "what will you do when you start getting hate mail?"

    damn, I'm so popular I could stop making games and just sell me! there sure is enough of me to go around!

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    ROFL! I love it! =D

    Raymond Noodles!
    "programmer food"

    thats great, I'll get on the horn with my marketing people.

    we'll do lunch =D

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