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Week/Class 7

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Yeah, late update on this one. I've been sick. Last session still most people had not completed their game projects, so there was another week extension. The teacher has stated this was the last one though. So we did presentations/group debugging sessions with what we had. Some of it was interesting; one guy looks like he wants to do a Scorched Earth clone. I don't think his implementation is the right way to approach things though. A lot of the appearance of the original Scorched Earth were due to implementation details, and the guy is reimplementing the appearance without concern of how that implementation will impact performance. I.e. creating missile trails by creating a number of single pixel objects. Works in simulating the appearance, but not so happy performance-wise.

And yes, my project was done. Done done. Ready to turn in and all that jazz, which makes the extension somewhat annoying to me. It's about ten megs, so I'll only upload it if you someone actually demands it. The background music is in wave files, as the mp3 versions of the music caused some bizarre audio effect defects (appears to be a GameMaker issue). If I get the time I might upload versions with mp3 audio complete with audio defects.
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