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Audio Anecdotes: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Digital Audio (v. 1) -----

Audio Anecdotes: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Digital Audio (v. 1) By
Published March 2004
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Audio Anecdotes does for the technology of computer sound what Graphics Gems did for computer graphics. It provides short articles on current research and development that deal with the production, capture, and manipulation of sound by computers. Its scope reaches from signal processing algorithms to essays on the creative process.

The contributors to this volume include researchers, recording engineers, and sound designers, as well as creative artists, and the articles reflect this broad spectrum of experience in dealing with:

The fundamentals: the physics, measurement and perception of sound

Signal processing: the mathematical manipulation of sound

Recording and playback of sound: including music, voice, and field recording

Synthesis: rendering sounds which never existed including the synthesis of musical instruments, voice, or noise (Foley Sound)

Signal processing applications: from compression techniques to signal detection and recognition

Computer techniques: efficiently implementing low latency high performance audio systems on digital computers

Music theory: the mathematics of both western and non-western music

Creative topics: composition and sound design

Nature, mind, and body: how sound exists in nature and affects the mind and body

This book will be an invaluable tool for anybody who uses digital sound in the creation of computer generated works, musicians, game developers, sound producers in movies and other media, and more.

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