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Game Programming with Irrlicht -----

Game Programming with Irrlicht By André Koscianski
Published March 2011
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This book teaches game development and the use of Irrlicht, for readers that begin one or both of these subjects. It can serve as support for novice to intermediate programmers, providing code snippets and explanations about the problems discussed. The text also functions as a roadmap; it presents hints and introduces several techniques from fiels like A.I., that can be further studied and applied in games by the readers. A good knowledge of C and curiosity are the minimum requirements to read this book, based on the experience of many author''s students. The topics covered include: * common groundings: movement equations and basic vector math, collision of objects, animation loop and timing...; * using the engine: loading 3D models, animated models, textures, setting a camera, treating events, GUI overview; * sceneries: skyboxes, terrains, fog, shadows, particle systems; * techniques for NPC control and guidance; * examples of how to extend Irrlicht classes.

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