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Artificial Intelligence (3rd Edition) ****-

Artificial Intelligence (3rd Edition) By Winston
Published May 1992
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One of the oldest and most popular introductions to artificial intelligence. An accomplished artificial intelligence (AI) scientist, Winston heads MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and his hands-on AI research experience lends authority to what he writes. Winston provides detailed pseudo-code for most of the algorithms discussed, so you will be able to implement and test the algorithms immediately. The book contains exercises to test your knowledge of the subject and helpful introductions and summaries to guide you through the material.

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Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
This book gets used as a college textbook pretty frequently. Professors like it because it pretty much touches all the bases. Students don't like it because it's fairly dense and sometimes difficult to deciper. I like it though, I tend to refer back to it whenever I read a more advanced article or paper on AI and need a brush up on the basics. This is one of the very few books on the shelf at work.