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Direct3D Programming Kick Start **---

Direct3D Programming Kick Start By Clayton Walnum
Published May 2003
List Price: $39.99, Your Amazon.com Price: $37.79

Amazon.com Sales Rank: 5,039,797
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Direct3D Programming will cover everything a C++ programmer needs to know in order to use Direct3D 9 to create interactive 3D worlds. The book begins with an overview of basic Windows and 3D programming techniques and works its way through the library, starting with getting Direct3D up-and-running all the way to more advanced topics such as textures, lighting, and fog. All concepts and programming techniques are demonstrated in example programs that the reader can build himself using detailed step-by-step instructions.

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Aug 14 2003 09:52 AM
Halfway through the book I have to say this: steer away from this book. The book is filled with programming errors and a rotation matrix given was simply wrong (just one page so maybe an editing error of some sort).

Also it is painfully clear that the book was updated for DirectX 9 at the last moment, since in many examples (even printed in the book) the author talks about DirectX 9 interfaces while the code clearly states DirectX 8.