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Beginning Game Programming ****-

Beginning Game Programming By Michael Morrison
Published July 2004
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If you are hooked on video games and have a basic knowledge of C++ and visual programming, you will be hooked on Beginning Game Programming. Clear, practical lessons based on C++ programming are the basis of this book's lessons. By focusing on the Windows API to construct games, you will learn game theory in double-buffered graphics, sprite animation, digitized sound effects and music. A fully functional game engine provided on CD, along with tools, code and graphics, will give you the ability to create your own games in the future. Learn the art and science of game programming with help from Beginning Game Programming.

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Jan 26 2005 01:20 PM
I really like this book. I just recently started writing games in C++, and this is my first book. I read six chapters in a week and found it is good reading. It starts off by helping you set up a game engine, then builds of that, creating games each chapter and introducing new concepts. I have been programming for 5 years leisurely, but know I want to break into the game programming business and start developing games for one of the major companies. To me this is a good first book and I would recommend it to others.