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Game Programming GEMS 3 (Game Programming Gems Series) (v. 3) ****-

Game Programming GEMS 3 (Game Programming Gems Series) (v. 3) By Dante Treglia
Published July 2002
List Price: $69.95, Your Amazon.com Price: $48.27

Amazon.com Sales Rank: 722,132
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Like the others before it, a collection of short articles from over 70 professional game developers.

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It's a good book, has some very helpful articles, although I doubt that I will use all of them ever. They cover some new technologies such as Ogg, some old stuff like using Bison / Yacc to parse game data, and a bunch of other useful stuff like approximations, 3D audio, and some decent path finding tips. I just wish the book wasn't as pricey, especially here in Australia.
Super page
Excellent book, like the previous two in the series. While most people are probably unlikely to apply every single article in the book, there's bound to be quite a lot for everyone. All articles are very well written and thought out, and the actual techniques are, well, gems.
Only criticism: price...
Like all the previous books, great as long as there is something in it interesting to you. Personally I love this series.
I've found this book to be incredibly informative. They don't spend any text to get people up to speed on a topic (like in gems1), each article goes straight to the hard stuff. I like it that way. You'll need to read an article several times to fully understand it, but this way much more articles fit in. I found it well worth its money.
Good addition to the series, pricey like the other two.
A valuable book to anyone serious about creating cutting edge games! I gasp in amazement every time I buy a book from this series. I'm still trying to catch up to the second book!