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Game Programming Gems 5 (Game Programming Gems (W/CD)) (v. 5) ****-

Game Programming Gems 5 (Game Programming Gems (W/CD)) (v. 5) By Kim Pallister
Published February 2005
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With every new volume, the Game Programming Gems series continues to provide a road map through the vast array of development challenges facing today's game programmers. With the wisdom of many industry experts, Gems 5 includes 62 newly unearthed gems that were polished up for your reading pleasure. These gems are filled with practical insights and techniques that will solve your current problems and help inspire future games. You and your team need to develop for today's platforms, while preparing for the new technology looming on the horizon and with the tools provided here, you can! So dig into this new collection and put it to work.


* GENERAL PROGRAMMING: parsing text data in games, using templates for reflection in C++, a generic pager, CSG construction using BSP trees, building Lua into games

* MATHEMATICS: geometric algebra for computer graphics, minimal acceleration hermite curves, minimal numerical approximation, oblique view frustums for mirrors and portals

* ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: fast target ranking using an AI potential field, parallel AI development with PVM, beyond A*, Dynamic A star, cover finding with navigation meshes

* PHYSICS: aerodynamics for game physics, realistic cloth animation using the mass-spring model, pressurized soft-body model, realistic camera movement in a 3D car simulator

* GRAPHICS: dimensional impostors for realistic trees and forests, gridless controllable fire, explosion effects using billboard particles, gemstone rendering, procedural level generation

* NETWORK & MULTIPLAYER: keeping an MMOG online & persistent, seamless world server, a vulgarity filtering system, remote procedure call system, safe random number systems

* AUDIO: multithreaded audio techniques, sound management by group, using 3D surfaces as audio emitters, reverb based on feedback delay networks, single-speaker speech recognition

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Jun 07 2005 06:20 PM
I found this book rather infromative it covered various topics such as incoperating a scripting system into my games using lua which I had never orginally done. It also gave great insight on how to setup some basic AI pathfinding, along with a large mathmatics section. It tends to touch at quiet a few points that some of the other books don't touch on.

It's not something id recommened to a beginner though it tends to be more for people who are more familar with game development seeing as its the 5th in the series.