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Simulation and Event Modeling for Game Developers ***--

Simulation and Event Modeling for Game Developers By Ph.D. John P Flynt, Benjamin Vinson
Published August 2005
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"Simulation and Event Modeling for Game Developers" addresses the urgent need a for practical, hands-on introduction to developing event models and simulations for computer games. This book provides a comprehensive introduction for understanding, designing, programming, and testing software for models and simulations. You'll begin with an introduction to the conceptual foundations of simulation and how to gather requirements and design software for simulation. From there, you'll examine a C++/DirectX framework that can be used to develop simulations and learns how to set up worlds and entities for simulation. You will also examine AI, physics, and environments for event simulation as well as the development of models for simulating entire systems, such as floods and traffic flows. The book wraps up with coverage of testing simulation software. Throughout, the book provides numerous working examples that you can recreate or run as demonstrations and offers coverage of practical and theoretical considerations involved in the planning, development, and testing of games and system model.

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3 stars I would say, less code than I imaged but alot of discussion about the theoriticals of setting up simulations. It's a thick book too. Goes into alot of introductory stuff which I liked such as direct x, ai, physics, etc. But I wish it would gone deeper. Perhaps the author would write another book on the matter and include gene simulations. I would get some books on ai and physics to get a better look at the subjects.