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The C Programming Language ****-

The C Programming Language By Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie
Published April 1988
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Considered one of the standard books for learning C.

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Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
This book covers everything about the C language. I have read a lot of other books about C, but most of them teach you C as a way to learn C++.

This is a problem because they didn't give enough coverage of C's very important areas that are replaced by other features in C++(typedef for templates, function pointers for virtual functions, #define for inline,etc.)
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
I spent years tring to learn C++. Then the Ai programmer at work pointed me to this book. This is the best book I have seen for learning c, and i have realised that the best way to learn C++ is to learn C then C++. It is only a small book, with no cd but it has more helpful information than any other book on C I have seen.

It is Written by the people who created the C progamming language, and clearly gets to the point rather than fluffing around, but it is quite old, and covers running compilers from your command line ( useful to know anyway ) and file io in Unix ( which is mostly relavent anyway )

Overall, "The C Programming Language" is the best Ł30 i've spent on a programming book ( and i have quite a collection building up ).
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
This book contains about 250 pages but wil describe everything of the c programming language. The writing is clear, concise, and to the point. They use a lot of small examples to explain things well. This book is suitable for beginners and advanced programmers (mainly for beginners because advanced programmers wil pay for information they already understand). I thinks it's recommend to have some kind of program-experience. This book is expensive if you realize that you pay 40 dollars for a book with 250 pages without cd-rom, this is the reason I give it four stars instead of five. I think it's a very good book but with a high price.
May 09 2004 08:00 PM
No I mean absolutely no other book is needed to learn C other than this book. If u think u have what it takes to be on this forum then this is ur only C book in ur library.

No non-sense programming book written for programmers. There is NO I mean NO padding in this book. Combine this with the MAN pages on UNIX and u have all u need about C
Sep 21 2006 09:55 AM
This is the C book. From my point of view it is not for begginers. It goes really deep into the languaje itself. It uses little examples to explain each aspect of C.

I think this book should be complemented with some other C book like Schildt`s.

I give it five stars because it really makes you learn the little details that some programmers haven't saw.
Sep 26 2006 08:49 PM
This is the best C book in the world because it wrote by C creator. All topics in C was covered in this book. However, this book not suitable for newbies, the example for each topic hard to follow. However, if need only concept and looking for example on another book, this book is the best.