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OpenGL Game Programming w/CD (Prima Tech's Game Development) ****-

OpenGL Game Programming w/CD (Prima Tech's Game Development) By Kevin Hawkins, Dave Astle
Published May 2002
List Price: $59.99, Your Amazon.com Price: $45.94

Amazon.com Sales Rank: 1,720,596
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Provides thorough coverage of OpenGL for beginners, as well as how to integrate OpenGL with the non-graphics components of DirectX. Also includes chapters on special effects, physics, creating a game engine, and the implementation of a full game. Hey, it's written by 2 members of the GDNet staff, how can you go wrong? Note: Due to a publisher error, the source code was missing from the the CD in the first printing of this book. This was corrected in the second (and every other) printing since then. If you own a copy from the first printing, the source code can be obtained from http://glbook.gamedev.net

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Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
IF you want a desktop book you can carry around then this book is just as good if not the same as the red book. However because you can just learn off the web theres not much point in paying the money
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
Very cool book!
Covers OpenGL, DirectX Input and DirectX Audio! I learned OpenGL programming with this book.
Easy to understand!
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
I'll just paste in one of my two Amazon ratings; I think it says most of what I feel:

"This book has many things going for it. Its advanced texturing, Win32 programming, and physics sections shine. The engine design section is concise and well-assembled too.

It also has some flaws. The particle engine is sorely lacking in terms of examples and somewhat in its flexibility. I really wish the guys had spent more time on comprehensive material on the different types of matrices, though the matrix math section is good despite this. Texture coordinates needed more coverage. It would have been very nice for them to have used SDL or another cross-platform library for input and sound, because one of the main purposes of OpenGL is portability, and DirectInput/Sound lock you into the Window platform. Also note that the first printing books have no source included(...).
This has been corrected in successive printings.

It may seem like I'm tearing this book apart, but I assure you I'm not. Most of the flaws I mentioned were very minor in comparison to the brilliance of the good points. This book was the sole impetus for my finally buckling down and learning OpenGL after months of trying. It has volumes of useful information for any skill level, and I would most definitely recommend it as a first read for anyone interested in using OpenGL for games.

P.S. In case I didn't make this clear: BUY THE BOOK! "
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
this book is perfect for beginners and experienced coders alike. thorough code examples on a CDROM, as well as a sample game engine and a game created using the engine, make learning fun and easy. i would recommend this book for anybody getting into game programming with OpenGL!
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
A very good book for beginners!
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
The book was ok, more time needs to be spent on making the results scaled right. Recompiling until you get a good size for polygons can be a pain.

Also, the book was cheaply printed, several pages are falling out and the book is in two peices after a couple days of normal use; which kept me from giving it a higher rating.
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
This is one hell of a great book; I learned everything I need to know about OpenGL (well not everything...) in about 3 months. There aren't very many typos in the text, but just a heads up for the ones who don't know why the source in Chapter 16 acts weird (ie. jumps between all the buttons) , it's because he has the m_keys[] array declared as an int and it needs to be a char. Oh well anyway go buy it...
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
this is very useful book for beginner who want to learn openGL programming .
this book step by step guide you to how
to create 3d game engine using openGL.
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
This book is like a little God in paper form.
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
Best book ever!
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
Game programing with OpenGl book is well writed yeah some typos around but who cares about grammer if you have a great technology in your hands, well done this book!, Other topic opengl well its a wonderful api cant compare to others even software rendering apis.

What i want to express i had been programing in other apis and those doesnt give you the practical and easy of use in a 3d api that you can do anything in few of minutes even with extensions i just wanna say that with the next upgrade of opengl 2.0 you will do awesome stuff that other apis can do plus easy of use and of course cross platform!!, Long life to OpenGL!!.
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
This book blew me away, it's absolutely awesome. Go Get it NOW!!!
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
Very good book for beginners in game programming!

I get it, I read it in 10 days, and when it was finished, I wanted more reading!!! easy to read and very interessent! a reference.
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
Fantastic book. Combines opengl and game programming techniques, though you will need more to become a pro. I'm a bit concerned by the fact that it is entitled 'opengl game programming' when it should be: 'opengl game programming in windows'. I've read the other reviews here, and am a bit confused by the claims the the source code is missing from the cd. My cd includes all source code, and the book itself is NOT falling apart.
Dec 31 1979 06:00 PM
A good book to get you started, but a little inconsistant in places.
Jun 27 2003 06:03 AM
This book is great, it lived up to my expectations! When I started reading this book, I was already quite good with C/C++, and I only knew OpenGL a tiny bit (I should stress how much easier this book, and likely other OpenGL or DirectX books, will be if you have a good understanding of C/C++.). Before I started reading it, OpenGL seemed quite daunting, but this book managed to ease me into understanding the API, and got my problem-solving mind ready for 3D problems. The copy of this book that I've received must be the second edition, the included CDs now have all of the source codes. Also, For anyone in Canada who is planning to purchase this book online, I would recommend www.amazon.ca ; try to avoid amazon.com because the shipping costs and delivery times are far higher.
Jul 06 2003 12:59 PM
This is a good ogl book .. orth the money

but you should get a good book on 3d Math before reading this book cause the math explaied here aint that good..

i would recomand : 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development
Jul 10 2003 07:00 PM
Aug 18 2003 07:45 AM
Really this is a great book. I got it today and have read about 100 pages. The 3D math part wasn´t as hard as I thought it would be, and this far I haven´t had any problems understanding what is written. Have been using Direct3D for graphics until now but it kinda got on my nerves so I decided to give OpenGL a try, and this book has really opened my eyes for the API. Any newbies that´s thinking of getting an OpenGL book should check this out, it´s awesome.
Sep 08 2003 10:56 PM
This is a really good book, great for beginners. It contains not only information about OpenGL, but also game programming, DirectAudio basics and somewhat game physics. I've read the book in Polish translation, and I rally recommend it for evryone!
Jan 13 2004 02:11 AM
great book
Jan 13 2004 03:35 PM
Very good book on OpenGL. I am experienced with Direct3D, and found that learning OpenGL from this book was painless and easy. It also includes a cool simple FPS demo using concepts from the book. The only problem is the publisher errors which are fixed in the latest edition.
Jan 16 2004 05:23 AM
First of all, If your coming from a background of beginner level C/C++ programming you may find the first chapter on Windows Programming abit of a mind flood as facts are pounded at you and really do require memorizing to ensure you can initialize a Win32 / OpenGL window properly. Once you've got over that initial chapter however things start to change for the better, as 3D Mathematics and basic OpenGL Commands are slowly introduced. I would suggest purchasing this book in conjunction with a 3D math book if your not really comfortable with Matrices and Vectors however. The book itself is truly brilliant, the topics covered should keep the beginner programmer going for ages, and by the end of it have an understanding of OpenGL well enough to tackle some more advanced topics of 3D Game Programming. Yes! This book does not cover 2D Programming, but anyone who can get their head around topics contained in this book, should have no problem writing a half decent 2D game!
Feb 22 2004 12:38 AM