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Expiration - 40 Days,


Graphics and Multicore Developer Relations Engineer


Click here to apply for the Graphics and Multicore Developer Relations Engineer. Job Description Help make games and interactive entertainment better with a role as a Software Engineer working with AAA developers.The interactive entertainment ind...

Views - 1123

Expiration - 28 Days, 14 Hours

synthmate.com - your new sound guy

Audio Production

by kurpiosmusic

Music, sound effects, foley for trailers and cutscenes, sound logos and much more - anything on demand. Not sure if we're gonna get along? Check out my site, contact me and I'll prepare a demo for you for free. PS I also work with indie game devel...

Views - 684

Expiration - 26 Days, 23 Hours

Composer for Video Games

Audio Production

by MichaelElmquist

So I compose music that is usually for Video Games. If you're making a Video Game and need music, then that information is probably helpful.Below are some links to my work,General Video Game MusicPerhaps a Bit Scory SongsSolo Piano PiecesIf you ne...

Views - 557

Expiration - 22 Days, 21 Hours

Orchestral Composer of the Gothic looking to score games

Audio Production

by Joshua Thibeault

Hi,My name is Joshua Thibeault and I've been songwriting for a while. Recently I've decided to start offering to work as a composer in order to lend my skills to something bigger than just audio. Here are some demos I've uploaded to youtube. I can...

Views - 605

Expiration - 18 Days, 1 Hour

Game music composer & sound designer for your next project

Audio Production


My name is Cece, founder of CIP Music Studios based in LA. We have experience on scoring for films & games for over five years.   My former works available on our website: http://www.cipmusic.com Game music samples are available...

Views - 950

Expiration - 13 Days, 4 Hours

Music Composer - Let's create something amazing

Audio Production

by Brian Pharai

Hey there,  My name is Brian Pharai and I am a composer from the Greater New York City area. I have deep love and passion for storytelling and I strongly recognize my ear towards creating scores. I am an experienced musician with a deep under...

Views - 886

Expiration - 18 Hours, 46 Minutes

Elastic Music - Music for your game

Audio Production

by Elastic Music

My name is Nick Torretta and I am a professional composer and founder of Elastic Music.  I've written music professionally for over 10 years for any and all applications. I've scored commercials, films, video games and much more. Currently,...

Views - 1064

Expiration - Expired

Veteran Artist Available for Work

Art Production

by chaii

What if your great game had gorgeous distinct visuals to match? This is where I come in.I have worked on numerous commercial games for the last 8 years.Whether you need stylized art direction or just some assets, I can help push your game to the n...

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