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Got an idea and a limited budget?

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Hello there,

So you have an idea and some limited means and you're wondering what's the next step? I've heard this one before, and instead of being the guy who puts you down, I'll be the guy that says "I got you covered!"

The next step is almost certainly some form of demo or prototype: something that can be done on a small budget and yet give you the highest chance of going any further with this idea be it through crowdfunding or publishing.

To get there, you need someone to turn your idea into something tangible that you can show to people. You need some kind of a programmer, some assets, and someone that has enough industry experience to have an idea of how to best communicate that idea so that you can garner some interest and funding and then keep going!

That's what I do, and I'm told I do it very well. For an indie-friendly fee, I can: Review your idea (and make sure we both know exactly what we need to show to get some attention), Develop the prototype (and gauge the asset quality level you may need), Bring the concept over to crowdfunding, or publishers that are actually interested in your creation, Get your game out there once we hit development, be it on mobile (Google Play, Apple's App Store), Desktop (Steam, Green Man Gaming, Facebook GameRoom, etc.) or even web (Kongregate).

I have a decade of experience in the video game industry, and have also been freelancing for just as long in various positions: Programmer, Producer / Project Manager, Product Owner (Marketing, Strategy, Bizdev, etc.), Game Designer (Economy / Level Designer), etc.

I've been around, and I've taken part in some highlight projects which I'm open to discussing (within reason) through PM, however please note that:

  • I never take a job that I don't feel I can do perfectly. You can ask around, I've turned down some projects simply because I didn't feel I was the right fit, and I think it best to do so to avoid any awkwardness down the road: my reputation is on the line here, and your time and money are valuable, so best spend it on the right guy.

  • I never take on a project if I don't genuinely think it has potential. More often than not, the early premise may need some tweaks to get there, but I'll only board the project once I'm convinced there is something worthwhile. You can count on my brutal honesty there, and if anything, that might give you an unbiased outsider opinion to vet your current vision. I can't predict everything though, so I could always be wrong.

  • I don't ever take rev-share / royalties as a payment option... at first. Once a prototype or demo is put together though, I'm open to negotiate terms to minimize the production burden on your end as I'll have a better idea of how likely the project is to succeed.

I'm actually pretty open minded, but I feel the above are worth mentioning to avoid any clash.

So if there's this one project you've been itching to bring to market but are not sure yet how to tackle this beast, hit me up, I'll be happy to take a look and let you know whether this is something I can truly help you achieve.


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