• 08/15/17 07:25 PM

    The Blizzard Taketh Away and the Blizzard Giveth Back: Battle.net Lives!

    GameDev Unboxed

    Jesse "Chime" Collins


    A part of gaming culture for over 20 years comes back!

    In a completely expected-unexpected turn of events, Blizzard has jumped back onto its own band wagon. Last September, Blizzard announced that their near-and-dear “Battle.net” would be no more. They were attempting a focus on the Blizzard brand itself, with features like “Blizzard Streaming” and “Blizzard Voice”. The entire Battle.Net desktop application was transitioned to be the profoundly-named “Blizzard desktop app”.

    With their announcement on Monday, Blizzard has realized their crucial mistake: “Brand Recognizably”. The Battle.net brand has been a mainstay of gamers since 1996, debuting alongside the original Diablo. While Warcraft II’s expansion pack, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, came out the same year, it was reintroduced for free with a true “Battle.net edition” in 1999. StarCraft was the true game-changer for Battle.net, requiring real change to their systems due to needs of the time, thus becoming the, as Blizzard puts it, “central nervous system” and “connective tissue” that Blizzard fans know and love.

    When Battle.Net termination was announced last year, fans called foul. Even though the program remained nearly-entirely intact, the brand itself was erased. In a rare fan feedback moment, the game company gave in. With this update, the Battle.net wording will be connected to the brand forevermore as “Blizzard Battle.net” in logos and marketing material.

    What do you think about the change to the name? Sound off below!

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