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    Mixamo Nix(amo)s Face Plus: Adobe Ending Some Features August 22nd

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    Jesse "Chime" Collins

    3D Rigger Mixamo Is Making Some Changes

    Originally founded in 2008, Mixamo has been a go-to source for 3D animation and rigging for nearly a decade. On August 28th, 2013, Mixamo launched a platform called Face Plus. It was designed to allow developers or animators turn facial expressions recorded with even a webcam into top-notch 3D animation. This is not unlike what Holotech Studios’ “FaceRig” does for streamers and video creators as well.

    Back this past May 2017, Adobe (publishers of the Mixamo platform since 2015) announced the end of an era. Mixamo’s Face Plus will be removed on August 22nd, 2017, as well as several other free features.

    According to the Adobe post on the Mixamo website, they lay out what is changing and what is staying the same.

    Set out as bullet points in the post, they seem to be cleaning house on the “free” features. But, they are keeping a small handful of their main key points, such as:

    • Select and use characters from Mixamo’s Character Collection

    • Upload 3D characters to get them ready to animate using the Auto-Rigger

    • Apply animations to characters

    • Download as an .fbx or .dae

    Noticeably, the list that’s getting 86’ed includes major tools and the ability to save assets from their site:

    • The ability to save and retrieve assets in “My Assets”.

    • The Face Plus facial animation plugin

    • The Decimator polygon reduction tool

    • The ability to download Control-rig scripts

    • Download types for .bvh and .biped that streamline integration with 3rd party applications

    • Mixamo forums will close and all help articles will be moved to Adobe’s HelpX

    Don't Worry! There's still time!

    They’re allowing people to still download the tools and plug-ins until August 22nd, as well as utilizing their easy-to-download features of saving Assets directly. Those that use Mixamo, utilize Face Plus, or even just do animation are highly encouraged to take advantage and download the tools for the next week.

    To download, sign into your (free) Adobe account at the Mixamo website and start downloading. Developers have only one week left to grab as much as they can. For a complete FAQ and how-to for the Mixamo massacre, check out the Adobe post from their Customer Care Team.

    UPDATE (8/15/17): Adobe would like to stress that Mixamo, itself, is not going anywhere, just the Face Plus features, the tools mentioned above, and a couple other features to make the platform more "streamlined and a little modernized". Once the dust is cleared next week from the changes, I'll reach out to Adobe from a more guided tour of the new set-up. Additionally, I have changed the title of this article to reflect the clarification. Apologies for the inconvenience to those that have already read the article. 


    Edited by Jesse "Chime" Collins

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