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Ad Astra
By chapmast

Ad Astra is an open-ended Space Exploration game inspired by games such as Elite or Privateer. Features : 110,000+ Real Stars - Fractal Planets - Procedural Flora and Fauna - Lots of Weapons - Lots of Spacecraft
Alien Invaders Attack
By Battagline

A quick little space invaders style shooter game I pulled together to learn Dark Basic, and use some ship models I built for my game Epoch Star
Membrane Massacre
By HopeDagger

Take on the role of a microscopic space fighter equipped with several powerful weapons, in a dynamic descructable environment teeming with deadly enemy cells (with realistic physics)!
Angels 20 Demo v 0.9.9(ish)
By Sir Sapo

Angels 20 is a throwback to the original Wings of Fury. Fly your plane off of the Aircraft Carrier, and destroy your enemy.
By Laz

You are one man taking on an onslaught of maniacs coming at you full force in an attempt to kill you dead.
Blumenmacht (Version 2.1b)
By urs

Blumenmacht is a unique mixture of shoot'em up and memory gameplay. The nonviolent game has a colourful flowerpower theme. It comes with a short tutorial. You can play nine levels on three different difficulty settings.
Genesis: Origins
By vetroXL

Fast-paced and high-intensity third person space combat sim.
Glow for Windows
By Ravuya

Zombie-bashing, light roleplaying action. Improve your character as you descend into a technological hell while using high-tech weapons.
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