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Asteroid ES v.0.80.01
By Battagline

Asteroid ES is an Asteroid Clone I made using the Epoch Star Engine to test the flexability and stability of the Epoch Star Engine.

Upgraded with weapon powerups, enemy ship flyby attacks, and joystick controls.
Psycho Boy 3D (beta)
By Patbert

Similar to Paper Boy for the Amiga except instead of throwing papers you throw bricks in full 3D.

Includes the old favourites (dogs, cars, unexplained ramps) plus some new obstacles (nuclear power plants, falling trees, bouncy castles, ice, snowmen etc).
By Evil Steve

What needs to be said - It's pong!
By FenrirWolf

Cloudburst is a 2D side scrolling shooter with awesome graphics and unique gameplay.
By HopeDagger

Gundown an oldschool arcade game at heart, where you must obliterate every soldier, ship, motorcycle or pixel that moves by controlling your artillery contraption. Use upgrades between rounds to beef up your firepower. Addictive!
Breakout Returns
By mcgraw

Originally released in 1976, Breakout quickly became a great Arcade game of its time. Here, I wanted to bring back that same flavor, with a twist. Breakout Returns offers a unique Breakout experience, while staying true to the concept originally designed so long ago.
3D pacman clone "Updated with mini map"
By Prog101

Navigate your way through the maze of ghost eating all of the pills to top up your score to make the hi score list, choose either top down 1st or 3rd person views
Galaxy Gladiator 3D
By Downer

The 3D version of Galaxy Gladiator. Uses a vector based movement system allowing for slides, this is to give the player an edge over the otherwise pain in the arseish AI. Uses a SkySphere rather then Box so you cant see the edges. Also the HUD is a dynamically generated grid formed around the ship the Camera is chasing. Custome created particle systems, altho simple.
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