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By LamerGamer

It's Tetris! Well... TetriX: the classic game loved by many. This is my first completed game ever. Please let me know what you think of it. Be nice though :)
By superlubo

Q-Bix Game is based on the classic Tetris gameplay, though there are inovative features included that provide new and enchanced style of play. Erase your rows and assemble new Cubix Forms, utilize the 3 completely different bonuses to get your score as high as possible!
Tetris Clone
By Lab-Rat

It seems that everyone does a Tetris (or Pacman, or Asteroids, or Snake) clone when they start out as a learning exercise, and I am no exception. There’s no exploding blocks, or ice world, or super power ups this is just a back-to-basics falling-block tidying-up game.
Dodecahellspawn - Work in Progress
By SiCrane

Dodecahellspawn is a simulation of a puzzle similar to the famous Rubik's Cube. However, instead of a cube, the game is played with a dodecahedron, with six axes of rotation, which makes gameplay approximately a million times harder than the cube. The "hellspawn" portion of the game is, in fact, a reference to
the difficulty of the game. (And has nothing to do with the pentagrams that appear all over the place.)
Sudoku Solver (Windows)
By Patbert

Solves most sudokus in less than a second and features open and save, copy and paste, three different themes, and 36 premade sudokus (from easy to evil). Includes source.

An addictive chemistry themed puzzle game where you complete molecules to earn points. Try not to paint yourself into a corner!
Knight's Challenge

Move the knight by clicking the mouse on a highlighted board square. You win when you have moved to all of the squares.
The Adventures of Bobo
By Kuro

The Adventures of Bobo is an addictive puzzle game with nearly 50 challenging levels. You play as Bobo, a little blue guy who has set out to find the legendary sword to protect his village from the dark wizard. Based on the classic NES game, "Adventures of Lolo".
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