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Mar 08 2008 07:40 AM
Mar 08 2008 07:40 AM

Q-Bix Game is based on the classic Tetris gameplay, though there are inovative features included that provide new and enchanced style of play. Erase your rows and assemble new Cubix Forms, utilize the 3 completely different bonuses to get your score as high as possible!

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Q-Bix Game is made with C++ and runs under Microsoft DirectX. DirectX Library gave the developers freedom to go outside the box improving the classic game mechanics and enchance the playing experience from both programming and artistic point of view. There are 3 bonuses and an in-game element called "Cubix" which the player can use to help him advance for higher score. Once the Total points start to get higher, the speed of the falling elements will get faster. Further on, everything that concerns higher or highest score will depend on the player's skill to think, move, rotate and erase as fast as he can the upcoming elements.
Movement/Command Keys: Left, Right - move falling element
Up - rotate the falling element in clockwise direction
Down - increace the falling speed of the element
"Esc" / "P" - pause game
> 1GHz or faster Intel / AMD processor
> Microsoft Windows XP (service pack 1 or higher)
> 128Mb of RAM
> 20Mb free HDD space
> DirectX 9.0c Compatible Video Card
> DirectX End-User Runtime November 2007 or newer -
> Microsoft-compatible keyboard

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