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Trash - RTS
By Mark Currie

Trash is a real-time strategy game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where two distinct races battle for domination. Players choose to be either humans or mutants, and they gather wasteland resources, such as trash and toxic waste to build combat units. The design of Trash focuses on multiplayer on-line play, where games can consist of up to 24 players simultaneously.
Battle of the Generals ver 1.0
By denthorq

A board game that uses military strategy and tactics. This is an original game reminiscent of chess and the strategic war-game classics.
The TA Towers 1.0b
By Pouya

The game is about placing different kinds of towers across the map and upgrading them to stop the enemy tanks from killing your people.

©2007 by Pouya Larjani
War of the Roses v2
By rick_appleton

War of the Roses is a two player, turn-based strategy game. Players try to create as large as possible connected fields, while keeping the opponent from doing the same.

Now includes Single Player mode.
By Stompy9999

Invasion is a Turn Based Strategy game I have been developing for about a month now. The game is modeled after the advance wars series of games, but plays somewhat like a table-top strategy game.
KingMe! Granite Edition
By modemancer

Icon-based strategy board game based on Checkers, but with a few rules twists. A nice, waste-a-bit-of-time diversion game.
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