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A Villain's Demise  by FredFors    *****


Time Spent: 24 hours
Date Added: Jan 15 2013 05:14 AM

This is an image from my game "A Villain's Demise". It displays various WebGL effects used whenever the player has 1 life remaining. The technology used is HTML5 and javascript, with the primary target platform being desktop browsers.

This is of great contrast to the actual look of the game. These effects, combined with an impactful audio design really puts the player on the edge.

A lesson learned from this project would be not to slap-on features because "it looks cool". Originally, the player could slow down time, enabling various WebGL effects, and of course, slowing down the time. However, this feature ended up being a "slap-on" thing, that were utterly useless, and proved to be very counter-intuitive. It generally made the game harder, and did not add anything of significance to the game.

The project emerged from Ludum Dare 48 about a month ago, where i created the game within 24 hours. You can play the game here, if you'd like!  
Photoshop CS5, Spriter, Construct 2.

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Very cool, it reminds me a bit of of Limbo.

Looks good.

I think the game could use a bit more color. My eyes (like everyone else's) can only focus on and track a single object or region at once. Having the pickups, platforms, and projectiles being different colors would go a long way to helping people track everything at once.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, the pickups are rather blended into the other assets, and i see your concern. Definitely learned alot from this little project, which i'll take with me for future projects!

Damned impressive for 24 hours.

Also a big fan, I have seen quite a bit of FredFors work.  Quit a bit of talent in both quality and ability to "git r done" so to speak.

That's really well done for 24 hours! You must have been very focused and not "used the eraser end" a lot smile.png.

The artistic style reminds me of Blade Warrior (1991)



I used to play this a lot when i was a kid... The monochromatic color style with sillhouettes really did something for the atmosphere...


I agree with Daaark's point about items blending in can become a nuisance, perhaps you could make them pulse, emit simple white particles or something else that doesn't clash with your style?