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Angry Boy  by dannielum    -----


Time Spent: Part time on and off about 1 year
Date Added: Oct 14 2012 03:07 PM

I'm glad to present you a new casual shoot them up kind of game, Angry Boy, that my team in For Loop Media just recently released on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. Angry Boy is an exciting fun game that it is fun for all ages. This game is free to download. Any feedbacks and comments are welcomed.

Game Introduction
One beautiful afternoon, an innocent boy is enjoying playing with his friends. Suddenly a group of birds started to drop poop on the boys. It has ruined the fun the boys. So, the boys got angry and fight back with their sling shots. The game has begun. Unlock all achievements and show the other boys your honors and skills. Be one of the top scorers in the high score list.

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Marketplace Download
Visual Studio 2010
FlatRedBall SDK

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