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Dominion  by Mak    *****


Time Spent: 4 hours
Date Added: Jan 29 2013 03:08 PM

Here's the in-game planetary renderer for Dominion kicking out our fake Earth, thanks to the high-res day and night side images available from NASA.

I'm using 4096 x 2048 textures for the day-side surface, day-side normal map, and cloud normal map. I combine specular (for ocean), cloud, and night-side illumination maps into one texture as R, G and B respectively, again at 4096 x 2048.

We're ramping up to our Kickstarter Phoenix pitch and I'm improving the visuals - so I hope you like what you see!

Feel free to pay us a visit at dominion.maksw.com!

RSS : http://dominion.maksw.com/feed/  

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Impressive results, great job!

Beautifully done!

Cheers :) The aim is to keep this bar and extend it across the rest of the visuals (now I've got chance) before we repitch. And of course, to keep improving on them!

And of course, to keep improving on them!

Good.. as I see polygons the size of texas in the first picture ..literally. Quite nice otherwise. :)