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Elium  by Chosker    *****


Time Spent: Too much to count
Date Added: Feb 02 2012 06:37 PM

Elium, a 3D Action RPG. Developed by me in my spare time Posted Image
A few graphical features.

HitMask Blood: My custom accurate hit detection system and usage of one of the semi-hidden features in UDK i'm able to get the fighting hit to paint a circle in UV space into a custom texture, which is used as a mask to blend in blood. The image shows the effect cause by arrows, but it happens all the same with melee weapons.

Other features shown in the images:
- Character appearance changes smoothly based on the Strenght stat.
- Body part dismemberment, which happens after a finisher move when fighting.

Bonus: Video of the dynamic weather system - [ Link ]

Follow the project and watch new updates at my blog - [ Link ]  
UDK, Notepad, 3D modelling package, 2D painting package.

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Feb 11 2012 03:44 PM
nicely done!
btw in the weather video the environment (trees grass rocks around the player) aren't affected by snow :(
also I don't know if its there (its not visible) but in rain things should look 'wet' :)
Feb 14 2012 03:10 AM
yeah I know it's only the terrain that's affected by snow. for now it'll stay like this but I have it pending to do in the future
and a wet effect for the rain doesn't exist, mainly because the terrain shader was reaching the instruction count limit already and I decided snow was more important

btw I've uploaded a new gameplay video: