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Massacre from Beyond the Stars  by MAD UNICORN GAMES    -----


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Date Added: Nov 17 2012 11:11 PM

In Massacre from Beyond the Stars, you are in the seat of a massive alien space craft wreaking havoc on the city and skies. The goal is to destroy the entire city and have your companion ships rebuild it as your own. Things get tricky when swarms of enemy vehicles strike back and start to destroy the new alien city. With an assortment of ships to choose from, a variety of weapons to unleash and a formidable enemy, Massacre from Beyond the Stars will bring you to the action!

The goal when playing MFBTS is conquer the city and have it rebuilt. The player is given ship and weapon upgrades based on their progress to aid in completing this goal. When the player has successfully transformed the entire city, the level is complete.
The player is granted a variety of ships to use during their assault. Some available open-box, others will be unlocked via high score or other achievement.
The primary weapon is a devastating building-buster used to transform the city. The radius of this crushing weapon expands as the player gets further along. Already in the current stage MFBTS has 6 unique side weapons. We are hoping to have 15+ side weapons by release.
At current development stage MFBTS takes place in a modern city. At release we are anticipating to have multiple settings, each with an individual feeling.
Game play:
MFBTS is a fast paced action shooter. The player will need to progress toward one main goal while warding off swarms of enemies.
MFBTS will control more like a first person shooter than an old school top down asteroids. The native keys will be WASD for movement and the Mouse for aiming and shooting.
Expected Release:
We are looking to launch MFBTS in Jan or Feb of 2013.

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3D Studio Max
Adobe Photoshop 7
Visual C++
Cakewalk Music Maker

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