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MegaFiers Tutorial Demo Scene  by spookycat    *****


Time Spent: 2 weeks
Date Added: Nov 06 2012 04:28 PM

Mad professor MacSpeedee has created a test chamber to conduct his research into procedural animation and deforming poor defenseless meshes in unimaginable ways.

This Video shows the new tutorial scene we have created for future video guides to the MegaFiers system which is a system we developed for Unity3D to allow users to animate, morph and deform their objects with over 40 different modifiers such as bend, twist, FFD etc. Tony has been busy creating a nice SteamPunk scene and it was fun coding up the switches and dials code which is based on the car wiring system we use in our driving sims. This demo also features an all new camera system with various modes such as free, orbit, path based cameras as well as a Cut Scene manager so recorded cameras can be played back and mixed in any order etc.

A lot more information about the MegaFiers system can be found on our website at http://www.west-racing.com/mf  
Visual Studio 2008
3DS Max

  • You cannot edit this iotd