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MegaShapes  by spookycat    *****


Time Spent: 5 months
Date Added: Sep 07 2012 09:24 AM

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MegaShapes is an advanced spline to mesh and lofting system for the Unity3D game engine, it was ported over from our game engine to allow us to build levels for our racing games as well as interesting little side projects such as the MegaMoo game in the screenshots. The lofter in MegaShapes allows you to use shapes as paths and then create a mesh by lofting a cross section along that path. You can choose between the simple lofter that uses on cross section or the more advanced complex lofter that allows you to use any number of cross sections to build the mesh. Once you have created your loft surfaces you can make use of the Loft Layer system to add more detail to your meshes.
The layer system allows you combine any number of meshes into the final mesh. The layers currently included in the system are:
  • Loft
  • Complex Loft
  • Clone
  • Clone Simple
  • Clone Spline
  • Clone Spline Simple
  • Scatter
  • Scatter Simple
  • Scatter Spline
  • Clone Rules
  • Clone Rules Spline
Some of the features of the system are:
  • Works on all Platforms and devices supported by Unity as well as Unity Free
  • Full 3D Bezier spline system.
  • Base set of shapes such as circle, star etc included.
  • Complete spline editor system.
  • Controllers for moving objects along splines.
  • Exporter for 3DS Max to export shapes as well as animated shapes from Max to Unity.
  • Spline to mesh system, turn any shape into a Mesh and extrude it.
  • Complete control over UV mapping of generated meshes.
  • Collider support for all generated meshes.
  • Basic 3D Lofter.
  • Advanced 3D Lofter.
  • Layer based cloning and scatter system.
  • Automatic mapping of objects to generated surfaces.
You can find a lot more info about the system on our website

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Attached Image: moo4..jpg Attached Image: mslofter.png Attached Image: mstease.jpg Attached Image: megashape15.jpg  
Visual Studio 2008
3ds Max 2010
Unity 3.5

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Oct 04 2012 04:40 PM
Looks amazing, hope you had fun making it. :P
Oct 05 2012 12:20 AM
Oh wow, this is some good rendering. Is that real time?
Oct 05 2012 08:56 AM
Thanks, yes it is all realtime and the lofts can update every frame as well in realtime.