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Old Project Revamped. For all the computer geeks out there!  by CryoGenesis    -----


Time Spent: Worked on this 4 months ago. Picked it up last week. Slowly going to add features to it whilst working on more important projects.
Date Added: Feb 03 2013 07:18 AM

Some suggested writing prompts:

This is an image of an old project that I found that I decided to update a lot. It's not really a game but, instead, a more gamer friendly way of designing your own electronic logic components. Most electronic logic programs are rather professional and take a while to learn. Whereas, this program is not professional at all, and, if you know electronic logic, you'll know how to use this instantly. It hasn't really got many features but it has all the features you need to create and share your own electronic logic components. I might also add that you can create your own CPUs in this program, they may also run very fast.
I made this program about 6 months ago, I found the source code on an old computer of mine. I decided to try it out and it sucked, completely unusable. So, I decided to update it. It has more features and looks a little better. Although, it has no GUI. I may add GUI in the future.

What you see in the picture is an 8-bit counter made in the simulation, it has XOR gates, AND gates, and RS-NOR gates (graphics for the RS-NOR gates have changed along with wire opacity and there's now a green grid behind the component. AKA, this is an old picture.).

I have been motivated to work on this project because I decided to go ahead and work with a new motto. If it's what the user expects, it's not a feature. When I first made this program it had what I would call features, at the time, but some of them didn't work and it was pretty much a failure of a program. So, I picked it up and added things that the user would expect. Saving, loading, copy and paste, pre-component drawing and other various graphical updates.

Some of the lessons I learned during this project are that I shouldn't half-arse my programs and games and I'm going to be using this ethic when working on my next project.

You can download the program from my dropbox:

I may also add that the image isn't a complete representation of what you see in the program. The program has text which tell you how to use it along with some other things. I added an extra image which gives you the view of the program without any components. If you download the program it will load an autosave file which saves your creation if the program is closed or crashes. There is already a schematic in the autosave file which will be loaded when you start it.

I'll be doing videos of previous projects and future projects on my youtube channel. Currently there is only one video, a demo of a game engine I made. More to come in the future!
Youtube Channel: Youtube.com/gendev2012  
Written in Java using a library that I wrote.

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Feb 07 2013 11:17 AM

You should make a game out of it!

Each level would require you to solve more and more complex problems.

Feb 07 2013 01:14 PM

You should make a game out of it!

Each level would require you to solve more and more complex problems.


If someone created a game that involved solving schematics as if they were puzzles, at the same time somehow teaching basic electronics and maybe even digital electronics, I'd definitely want to play it.