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Oozengard  by Oozengard    *****


Time Spent: 6 months
Date Added: Sep 17 2012 09:06 AM

Oozengard Rebooted 75% funded on Kickstarter : Please help with funding here

Oozengard is a tiny game in development by Cranial Acid.
The team only consist of an artist.

Players will be able to explore the tiny city of Oozengard at their content.
However as time ticks down, the Ooze grows ever so powerful until it completely consumes everything.

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You will need to fight, solve, and save citizens in order to fully complete the game.

Oozengard started as a small hobby project, but quickly became a full-time project as my ambition started grow and grow.

Although being a single person on a team is stress free, Cranial Acid sufferers from not having a dedicated programmer which hinders the development greatly.

You can find a prototype for Android on the HERE
And you can help fund Oozengard through our Kickstarter Page HERE  
Graphics Gale

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