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Reunion Island flight sim  by Florent 974    *****


Time Spent: I didn't count them ( the first line of code is a few years old )
Date Added: Oct 15 2012 03:44 AM


Having been in the game industry for a few years, I wanted to work on my own project to be able to touch on every aspect of the development (technical, artistical) and improve my skill range. (modeling, networking, physics, rendering, gameplay, sound ...)

The game actually runs on multiple platforms ( Windows, Linux, MacOSX, iPhone/iPad ) although with some effects disabled on iOS (but the accelerometer on iPhone is very nice for aircraft control ! )

Here you are seeing the PC DirectX11 version, in fact it's a subset of the game, since it's more designed as a battlefield type of game, you can also be on foot, cars, tanks etc ... (not shown here, because not as polished as I'd like yet)

The flight model uses an algorithm similar to what X-Plane does as far as I can tell. For those interested the plane is a F-22 raptor.

Be sure to check the video on youtube (in 720p) :

See the end of the video for a (non exhaustive) list of features...

Florent Tournade

PS1: I'm looking for work, you can find my email at the end of the video (currently living near Lyon, France)
PS2: No link with this IOTD but I just wanted to say "kuddos to Outerra developers, you're doing a great great job ! inspiring"
PS3: actually you can see my former Reunion Island's house in the last screenshot. ;)  

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Oct 17 2012 06:52 PM
I'm echoing what I said on the YouTube vid: This is brilliant work Florent! Water caustics are beyond CryTek's in my opinion. Better fresnel. Any plans on releasing a SandBox-type version of it?
Oct 18 2012 03:41 AM
Hi, everything is possible at this stage but it will mainly depend on my motivation and my financial situation... It might not be apparent in a video, but there remains a hell a lot of work to be done. IMO too much work for one guy, I'll have to team up with people at some point.

Oct 22 2012 10:39 PM
Start a KickStarter or IndyGoGo ( with a small start target ), I would support it, especially if I got acess to the source ;)
Nov 07 2012 02:56 PM
Nice, are you willing to provide some information about your atmospheric scattering implementation?
Nov 07 2012 04:02 PM
@bummel: Well, basically it is a "standard" atmospheric raytraced scattering (only single scattering).

while "marching" along the ray i sample the shadow map (cascaded shadow maps) instead of shooting shadow rays.

The algorithm takes the curvature of the earth into account and handles "earth shadow" by intersecting the shadow ray with the sphere representing the earth.
The calculation is done here per-vertex but could also be done per pixel in a post process.
Note: I make use of a carefully crafted lookup texture to speed things up.

FYI I first implemented the technique in a ray tracer to get the algorithm right before adapting it to shader code
Nov 08 2012 06:10 AM
superb work, mate, keep it on! one minor feedback, in the end of the video the text is very hard to read..
/ Guest
Nov 08 2012 03:36 PM
Fantastic work! Could you please give us some details about rendering such a nice shoreline?
Jan 16 2013 04:30 AM

Looking really nice.


Also, good work on the landing gear fortifications :D

Jan 20 2013 12:19 PM

Looks really amazing.