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Date Added: Mar 01 2012 02:30 PM

sEngine is a graphics engine for real-time 3D applications that it's under development since few years ago. It is completely developed in C++ and independent from both the API graphics (DirectX or OpenGL) and the OS (Windows or Linux). The main features of this engine are the following: Light Pre-Pass render, Edge antialiasing, Post-processing techniques, Shaders support, Scene graph, Maths library, Procedural textures library, Mesh converter and User interface.

In the image you can see these features: 250 ligths (Light Pre-Pass), SSAO and Antialiasing.

This Project is under development and in a near future some functionalities such as HDR, scene spatial subdivision, collision detection, animated meshes, 3DSmax exporter, etc. will be also included.

You can see more images of this project and other works in my webpage:

Hope you like!


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Mar 23 2012 11:26 AM
independent from both APIs means you implemented an abstraction layer?
and what about the performance?
Jun 13 2012 05:11 AM
Yes, i implemented an abstraction layer. I know this abstraction layer has a little overhead, but
I prefer to have this little overhead than reimplement the renderer every time a new DirectX version appears.