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Son of Nor  by ChrisPolus    *****


Time Spent: About 1 year so far, and more to go
Date Added: Sep 01 2012 02:40 PM

Son of Nor is an action RPG where you have 3 powers at your disposal: telekinesis, spell casting and terraforming. All powers are used in fights as well as in puzzles.

The images show "The Edge", one of mankind's last refuges after the Great War with the Sarahul Empire. You are a Son of Nor, a powerful mage who dedicates his/her life to protecting this safe haven.

I'm the producer of this project, we're 16 people of which 2 work on it full time (I'm one of them). We hope to create a unique and fun gameplay by combining all the player character's powers. This game is very early in development. We'e creating the first chapter now with beautiful hand-painted textures, a tutorial, and the core game mechanics to give players a feel of how the game is going to be.

As you can imagine, a game of this magnitude is not easy to co-ordinate and plan. Read about our journey of our different milestones and changes in strategy on our blog. We will share much more lessons learned as we go along:

Let us know what you think. If you like this project, like our Facebook page at:

Don't forget to check our YouTube trailer to get an impression of the game.  
We use Unity 3D as a platform to bring the game to PC, Mac and Linux.
Our 3D guys use 3DS Max, Maya, Mudbox, xNormal, Photoshop and many other tools to create their assets.
We use Logic Pro to create the sound effects that can be found in the game.

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Sep 03 2012 02:06 PM
looks really good! the rock/walls look a bit too clean and flat. details would add quite some depth I imagine.
Sep 03 2012 04:52 PM
Thanks for the comment. Yeah, after looking at this for a while we're now trying out different things to break up the smoothness of the environment. Let's see what our artists can come up with. But your comment is spot on.
Sep 03 2012 08:17 PM
As a start-- consider adding a few splotches of bright color. This worked extremely well for Mirror's Edge and works much, much better at a distance, where any sort of fine detail would average out to nothing anyway. Bonus points if you have some sort of a GI system! Posted Image

EDIT: Actually adding some high-contrast bounce light could do a lot to define shape.
Sep 27 2012 08:15 AM
Thanks for the suggestion. What exactly do you mean by "high contrast bounce lights"? Local bright light sources or actually GI 2nd-order bounces?
Sep 27 2012 12:30 PM
Even some ambient occlusion would work. Great looking game though so far.
Oct 14 2012 10:41 AM
Looks pretty awesome but I would definitly add more colors to the scene. It all looks very yellowish.