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Space Battles  by _damN_    -----


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Date Added: Jan 27 2013 11:42 AM


This is just one of my many projects that i have been busy with in my spare time. The purpose of this project was to learn and see just how powerful Stencyl can be when making games. An i have to say this is a very useful tool especially if its just for prototyping.
Its a very simple game in which you have to just traverse through the levels building up score, collecting powerups and unlocking the next levels. The game is still some way from being complete and needs a lot of polishing. I am planning on working on it and releasing it hopefully by 3rd quarter 2013.

If you are interested in this you might wanto follow my blog at


I will be updating it regularly and eventually posting on my other projects. Please help and support us by liking and following the threads.


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Jan 29 2013 01:36 AM

Looks great Rob!


Have you tried other tools similar to Stencyl, such as Construct 2 or Game Maker?  I'd be interested in a comparison from someone who's had experience with multiple packages.  ...and how was the learning curve, did you find Stencyl easy to learn and use?


Please do keep us updated, looks like a fun little game!

Feb 03 2013 02:07 AM

Hi! Thanks!


To be honest i used to use Game Maker a few years back then i couldn't code yet. But i have not used it in a long time. What i can tell you is that the learning curve with stencyl isn't that steep with and there are hundreds of examples on the net and videos to show you the ropes. After a short while developing it became extremely easy to add more content into the game without cousing too many bugs and problems with the game mechanics. 

However the actual stencyl program does have one or 2 minor bugs in it. For example saving sometimes refuses to save the map? I would have to restart stencyl and do it over. That only happened once or twice. But thats not a serious issue.


I can happily recommend stencyl to anyone. Its a very powerful tool and by the looks of things, they developers have big plans with it. :-)


Don't forget to check back with the blog. I added a few updates since last;-)