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Tavern Of Heroes  by OptimGameStudio    *****


Time Spent: 3-4 months
Date Added: Apr 15 2012 04:31 PM

You can find more info on the project here : http://www.indiedb.c...avern-of-heroes

We are currently raising funds to help us develop the game faster, check it out! Indiegogo.com
Please follow us on facebook (Facebook.com) and/or twitter (Twitter.com).

Tavern Of Heroes follows the story of a small tavern located in a kingdom ruled by might and magic. Many heroes from the surrounding regions enjoy the fine ales and the great atmosphere of the tavern. The fate of those heroes will be intertwined depending on your decisions. As these heroes form parties to further their goal, more of them will show up in the tavern. Here's a list of the features of the game:

  • Unique combat system: Interesting twist to the classic point-n-click RPG gameplay which proves to be both challenging and rewarding.
  • Pair heroes together in unique team setup: The player decides his ideal team setup. Multiple teams can be built to overcome different obstacles and the game encourages that. Use different elements and types of skills to your advantage.
  • Time-based skills: The player needs to manage the different skills if he wants to survive the onslaught of monsters. The game focuses on management of their timers rather than mashing them.
  • Explore the storyline of each hero: By completing the quests associated with each hero, you will obtain many rewards. Most importantly, you will be able to unlock it in your regular team setup and further improve its skills.
  • Evolve heroes the way you want: Each hero possesses it's own skill tree with different paths you can choose. These paths will influence the way the hero helps the team. There is no cookie-cutter path, rather ways to make heroes more useful in certain team setups.
  • Gear up your heroes: Dynamic item generation paired with epic items that are awarded through heroes' storyline progress offer many ways to improve your team.
  • Dynamic level generation: Each hero has different locations assigned to it. The quests are dynamically generated depending on several factors and scale with the team power.
  • No DRM, cross-platform: Since the game uses C++ and opengl, it is available for all the major platforms. We also want to offer the game as a single executable and bundled with game services such as desura and steam if possible in the future.

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Apr 24 2012 07:39 PM
That looks pretty cool. I always like it when developers make something with an interesting art style instead of going for hyper-realism.
Apr 25 2012 01:06 PM

That looks pretty cool. I always like it when developers make something with an interesting art style instead of going for hyper-realism.

Thanks :) Yea love the cute art style we went with. It also helps that it's simple to draw and less time-consuming for our artist.
May 08 2012 07:29 PM
Nice. It reminds me of BattleHeart on the iPad.
/ Guest
May 18 2012 05:47 PM
That one got arrow to the knee.