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Tritium  by sanchopan    -----


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Date Added: Jan 11 2012 04:00 PM

This image basically shows a Windows commmand prompt (i.e. DOS box) with graphics accelerated background and rendering.

The Tritium project is a Windows command line environment, it lets you run builds, scripts, source control, comilers, and basically anything else you would run from the command line but in a fully-rendered DirectX environment. It features glowing text, cursors, animated backgrounds, and is completely customizable.

I started this project because I work from the command line a great deal, and wanted a slick looking environment. I wanted glowing cursors, glowing text, and the ability to switch to a true full-screen mode.

You can find a demo of this project at http://www.stewdogdigital.com/try.html  
VS 2010 / C++
DirectX SDK

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Very nice. i will use this!
Very, nice. It may just be for this screenshot, but I recommend not having the colors of the text area cooincide wit the animating background. It tended to wash out some text.
Pretty cool... seems to eat some serious cpu and normally I want my terminals to be fairly light weight consideration they are often use to run other executables. I am glad it is at least proof that you don't have to use the crappy windows terminal shell program which all shell systems seem to run in on windows like putty, cmd, cygwin, git-bash, etc.
Looks awesome! Tried it out and was very happy with it until I tried to connect to my mysql database, password handling doesn't seem to be supported or is bugged.
Thank you Mussi!

I was able to login and run database scripts from the command line, but not launch the mysql interactive interpreter. Kind of disappointing. It might be that the interpreter uses console APIs to manipulate text, screen measurements, and so on. Tritium is really just for running basic IO commands on the command line. In 2.0 I hope to support full console applications and PowerShell.

I use Tritium for source control, builds, network analysis, and shell work like finding files, listing directories, and whatnot.

That said, I was able to access mysql with a username, password, and database and run scripts from the command line using file redirection:

Posted Image
Nerd vanity at its finest. Pretty sweet though -- maybe you can license it to Hollywood for the next bad Sci-fi/Hacker movie :)
Also noticed that when selecting with the mouse, I can only select from start to end and not the other way around.
Finally, we can have console windows as slick looking as the Linux guys.
For added slickness, add an option for 'Copy on select', and 'middle or right mouse button for paste' - this is fairly common with Linux terms, putty etc, and is a very smooth way of operating :)

It also doesn't quite follow the codepage of the keyboard, being a UK user I find all my quotes and @ switched around.

Apart from that, very slick, very pretty, would quite like to use this :) Some form of tabs would be nice too...

Very cool program - i'm running my build scripts on it and I already feel cooler for it.

* No scroll bar?
* Ctrl+c works in some circumstances, but not in all circumstances (compared to cmd).
* Numpad keys just enter bizzare characters instead of numbers.
* Programs end with 'press any key to continue' are a bit bugged -- I have a script, say it's called "foobar", which does this. In cmd when it finishes, I press "up, up, enter" to run it again (first 'up' is the 'any key'), but when I do this in tritium, it ends up somehow trying to run "oobar" and prints an error saying "oobar isn't a command/program".
* programs that change the title-bar text aren't supported - I've got some scripts/apps that use this as a "progress bar".

Even though this is really cool, and even if you fixed all this stuff though, I don't think I could justify paying money for an app like this... Maybe if it was freeware I'd pay 99c for a theme-pack to support the developer :/
Thanks for all the feedback everyone! We have a 1.0 release available for free trial now: http://www.stewdogdigital.com/try.html.
Hey Everyone,

I've made a follow-on to Tritium that has a new backend, integrating with console apps directly. This means support for console text colors, support for interactive apps like ftp, python, and mysql, and support for Powershell. Also new cursors and themes.

Some of the things mentioned in this thread are fixed:
Scroll bars, ctrl-c, numpad, "press any key" functionality, title bar changing...particles and other effects have opacity settings. Should work with non-US keyboard layouts to the extent that cmd.exe does, and also should support Unicode if your console app supports Unicode.

Also, there are no pesky license keys and the beta (and future release) is fully functional and never has a forced expiration.

I really appreciated the feedback last time.
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