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TumbleGonk  by brooss    -----


Time Spent: From inital concept to current version, over 2 years.
Date Added: Sep 13 2012 08:49 PM

This image shows the gameplay of our completed casual tile swamping game called TumbleGonk. This is a continuation of a concept game that was first show on the IOTD a few years ago as a Java based game called Blackhole.

A custom graph data structure is used that allows for the polar based tile layout shown in the image. The code also features a basic GUI API used to display the buttons shown in the image. Bitmap font rendering is used to display all text in the game. The whole game engine is designed to be as resolution independent as possible using the hardware accelerated scaling of SDL2.

The original goal of the project was to be a commercial game that would be sold on services such as Steam, but for various reasons this never happened. Now there is an Indiegogo.com campaign to try and raise the funds ($850) required to release the game code and art under an open source license. If you're interested in contributing or helping promote this see more details here http://igg.me/p/226582?a=1223497

You can find a fully playable windows version of this game at the indiegogo campaign gallery http://igg.me/p/226582?a=1223497  
The game is written entirely in cross platform C++, tested on Windows and Ubuntu but should be easily compiled on other platforms that have the required libraries.
SDL2 with SDL2_image and SDL2_mixer are the core libraries used with libvpx (VP8/WebM) for displaying the tutorial video in game.
Code::Blocks was used as the IDE during development.
Revision control was handled using GIT from the command line.

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