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  • G Leoni
    I hope you guys are doing great. I have arrived recently to this community, and for the moment I am feeling very comfortable between all of you. Great talents, and great projects. It is a pleasure for me to be in such an active and great environment.  :]
    My name is Gerald, i live in Iceland. I think I'll stay in this community for a long time ,and I did not want to miss the opportunity to leave here my offer as a music producer, composing soundtracks for video games. I have worked on other smaller projects, but I have never been able to get the opportunity to compose a soundtrack dedicated to a video game. 
    Echoes of the Storm is my personal project as a music producer dedicated to video games or audiovisual content. I really want to participate in projects, because at the same time this means a challenge for me, and with it, greater learning and opportunity for improvement.
    I can compose in several musical genres, although I mainly produce orchestral, and folk music in some cases. Then I also produce heavy metal (sometimes mixing it with orchestral), and electronic music. I'll leave some audios attached in this message, but you can also listen to some more things on my website (I still have to update it a little). 
    If you are interested in making music for your project, simply contact me and we will be able to agree. Have a great day, thanks for reading, and see you soon!

    My name is Clint, I run a small design studio. I specialize in 2D game illustration and animation.
    If your looking for a reliable studio to finish your game project, I am your guy. I have worked with clients from all corners of the world for over 18 years.
    My style is fun and colorful. I can help you with most of your design needs, from character development, UI, scenes, backgrounds, menus, through to final sprite animations. In any format needed for your project. As well as any marketing material, like banners, adds, or YouTube videos.
    I like to work with my clients on their projects, and get to know what your goals and ideas are that will help you achieve success.
    We can discuss your project needs and I will work out a pricing accordingly.
    I look forward to hearing about your next crazy project.
    Contact me:
    Website - http://www.clintsuttonillustration.co.za
    Email - studio@clintsuttonillustration.co.za

    Elastic Music
    My name is Nick Torretta, I am a professional composer and founder of Elastic Music.  For almost a decade I have been writing music for all forms of media.  My work has been featured in internationally televised commercials, sitcoms, reality TV and films.  I have written custom scores for 7 indie game titles and I custom score projects for ad agencies and Boeing.
    I've just wrapped up a couple projects (including a full mod conversion endorsed by Blizzard) and I'm ready to take on more projects.  I've found video games to be the most satisfying and exciting projects!
    My rates are indie friendly, and I usually offer a hefty "first time" discount!  I also pride myself on flexibility, communication and working to achieve the game creator's vision instead of my own.
    You can view my portfolio at www.elasticmusicproductions.com.  I welcome your messages, questions or feedback and look forward to working with you to create something truly special.

    Sound design for games (soundtracks/SFX/VO)
    Your project will be filled with bright and juicy sound, and the music will be recognized from the very first notes! Our studio employs experienced specialists, so everyone is a professional in the business – musicians compose hits, sound designers create colorful sound effects, and dubbing actors play voices alive. Our team will help you to implement any idea in the field of sound – from rich and unique sound effects up to fascinating and thought-out soundtrack! We love and appreciate our customers, providing individual and responsible approach to every project. You will have full control over the operation and get a great result precisely to the intended deadline!

    Portfolio and contacts on our website: 

    skype: yakovlev.j
    mail: info@onsoundwaves.com

    Reasons to choose us?
    We have developed sound design for more than 100 projects;
      We can develop for you a unique sound design of the highest quality – your project will be implemented by the professionals who work in game development and have extensive experience in sound design for a number of successful projects;
      We can help you to develop the terms of reference;
      We will do a test job on your project, so you can make sure of the quality of our work and the advantages of working with us;
      We always meet deadlines;
      You can contact us anytime and learn about the work process on your project;
      Transfer of audio content is done by contract.



    My name is Serg, and I run a friendly Art Studio "Ponylab."
    We specialize in crafting Awesome Art for Amazing Games.
    We're working with 2D and 3D (Low Poly only), UI/UX, pixel-art style and a lot of more styles any game could have.
    Let's design art for your project!
    Please, check our portfolio here: https://ponylab.studio/portfolio

    Why Ponylab?
    I want to share two core Ponylab's features we're proud:

    1. We don't design pictures. We're working on creating the atmosphere.
    We believe it's a key for a successful players plunge and long-term engagement with the game.

    2. Service
    Real service. Clear communication, fast responses, reasonable turnaround, extensive reviews, bonuses. We believe in giving, and we're proud of it.

    You can find a few reviews from our customers here: https://www.ponylab.studio/

    The full portfolio is here: https://ponylab.studio/portfolio
    Are you looking for art?
    Let's get in touch!
    You can contact us here, via our website or simply by writing an email at hello@ponylab.studio
    Also, inviting you to join our Instagram community of 2600+ followers.
    Works in progress, AMA's and even more fun with Ponylab here: https://www.instagram.com/ponylab/

    I'm an industry professional closing on a decade of freelancing.
    I specialize in projects that seek further funding through the creation of a demo/prototype/POC and have a limited budget.
    I've worked on a number of highlight projects in the past and deliberately choose to focus on the indie scene nowadays.
    If you have a great idea but are lacking a developer that can put it together on your terms, look no further.
    I'll even help you pitch through crowdfunding or publishers!

    My name is Mika Pilke and I've been a hobbyist musician and music writer for about 20 years. For now I haven't been too active looking for projects that need sounds or music, but I'd like to change that.
    I've also been active gamer for 25 years, and it has been sort of a dream of creating them too. And since I like creating different atmospheres, it would seem quite logical move to offer my skills for someone who is developing them. Though of course I'm willing to do music for a lot more than for games only, if needed.
    I do have to mention that I'm not a rock-hard pro, but I am very serious with my stuff. Two years ago there was one project for what I did 30 songs/ambiences, but game never actually was finished. Does not really matter though, since it was a fun journey and did give some important experience nevertheless. I'm not sure of the total amount of songs I've done, but it is far over 100.
    As an artist I am quite versatile. I do have tendencies of creating a bit darker atmospheres, but really, feel free to ask anything or offer any kinds of projects! I might have something up in my sleeve. For now I have been mixing and mastering my work alone, but for commercial projects I do have some contacts I can use to master and enhance my creations to top quality (two ambient songs listed below are mastered a bit too quiet, since I lacked some tools for mastering back in the past).
    Right now I do have a full time job, so if you need 20 song in two weeks, I probably won't be able to do them all for you. But if you give me a month or (rather) few months, it definitely shouldn't be a problem. :)
    Anyway, here's some of my recent work. Everything you hear or see is my work (photos, 3D-modeling, animation, shooting, music, mixing, singing, editing ect.). Everything except artwork in the video of the song Hellbreaker in which Jaime Jasso has been creator of all the visual art.
    Dreamland Synthesis - Awaiting
    This song was made to serve as menu music or such (horror ect.).

    Dreamland Synthesis - Morbid Tomorrow
    Darkish ambient.

    Dreamland Synthesis - Nebula Core
    This one would maybe be suitable for some dark scifi-styled horror game.

    Dreamland Synthesis - Hellbreaker
    I think when I wrote this song I was imagining some sort of moment being chased.

    Dreamland Synthesis - In Peace
    With this one, my goal was to do a song that would fit to a RPG or JRPG. Village music?

    Dead Cold Ground - Towards Eternity
    This was my project at the beginning of this year. It kind of got out of the hand, and took almost a month to finish. :) Working alone takes it's toll.