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  • Sonicreative
    Are you looking for a custom score for your game?  Just a few sound effects?  Full music and audio production and resource management?

    Sonicreative has the expertise to handle any size project, from smaller all in-house sound design and music scoring, to large game audio and full orchestral scoring projects, utilizing our team of contract editors, foley stages, orchestrators and mix engineers.
    Sonicreative provides the following services for games of all sizes:
    Composing Sound Design Audio Post Project Audio Management I am the owner and composer for Sonicreative, with over 20 years of experience in film scoring, orchestration, audio post and project management.  Sonicreative's clients range from Hollywood feature films to top international companies. 
    We can work with your team using Game Audio Connect and Nuendo to integrate with your team and WWise.  Call or email for a quote, or just to talk about how we might help with your next game.  

    I look forward to talking with you about your game audio and music needs.
    - Dedric

    Please visit www.sonicreative.com for more information, a partial client list, as well as scoring, sound design and audio demos.

    Email:  dedric@sonicreative.com
    Phone: 719.660.2558

    Slava Mulyukin
    Hello everyone! 
    We are Geeks. 
    Our games Outdrive and Cube Z have more than 5 million players. 
    We develop VR games for the virtual reality clubs Avatarico and White-Ball. 
    We make 2d and 3d art outsourcing for companies. 
    2d/3d Outsourcing Presentation
    Our services
    Game development (Unity) Game design  Level design Creature Character modelling  Props modelling  Illustration Contact: 
    Email: geeks@geeks.studio 
    Telegram: SlavaGlaps
    You can follow us at the art station

    Jeremiah Sun
    Musical Composition expertise.
    Grand Orchestral Sounds Piano (I am a trained pianist) Band Instruments also proficient (drums, electric guitar, bass....) Hi, I am available for contract work for your music composition needs. I have expertise in orchestral digital music production, with styles ranging from grand and epic to serene and quiet. I have a modestly popular youtube channel, The Second Narrator, where I post elaborate arrangements of video game music that many consider the best of its kind. I value music as a second storytelling tool, and emphasize character themes and motifs in enhancing a game's resonance to the player.
    For samples of my original work, please check out my soundcloud playlist.


    Dog Star Software

    By jpetrie, in Programming,

    Dog Star Software provides consulting and contract programming services to independent game developers. We have over a decade of professional game development experience on projects of all sizes. Whether you need that last bit of engineering work to get your project over the finish line, or some assistance with early prototype development, we can help.
    We evaluate all projects on a case-by-case basis. Email us at hello@dogstarsoftware.com and let's talk.

    I'm been working in game audio since 2005, on over 575 projects providing music, sound design, VO and implementation. Take a look at my demo reel and let me know how I can help make your next game come to life with great audio! I'm eager to work with creative, interesting projects. Plenty more videos and music files for you to browse through on my website: www.madsenstudios.com.
    Hit me up! nate (AT) madsenstudios (DOT) com

    Available now for contract work!
    I am an experienced theatre composer with some short film work under my belt as well.
    I'm looking to work further in the video game industry as it is something I have always been very passionate about.
    You can hear a lot of my previous commisions here: georgejenningsmusic.com/listen
    I'm able to be contacted directly via georgejennings@live.com, through gamedev or through my website: georgejenningsmusic.com/contact
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    I'm available for contract work!

    I do environments, level design, props and characters. High poly or low-poly:

    You can contact me through my website or send me an email at: thomasguillon@yahoo.com

    Nikolay Dimchev
    I am a 3D Modeler and Texture Artist with several years of experience in various fields - games (mobile and PC), movies (The Expendables 3 and Survivor) and 3D printing. With a skillset formed by working with a variety of clients and on a large volume of different projects I am capable of delivering quality game-ready models and textures tailored to the specific requirements of the project.
    Additionally, I am very passionate about my craft and always strive to deliver a model that my clients will be happy with. I value all client input and communicate daily to achieve the desired result.

    Jump start your game or creative project with custom concepts and visual development: 

    Character Design
    Design exploration, Concepts, animation prep.
    What you receive: (2-3) character thumbnails  (1) full color character render (On request) Character sprite prep for 2D animation
    Vehicle Design
    Practical or futuristic, Concepts, animation prep.
    What you receive: (2-3) vehicle thumbnails in 3D (1) full color vehicle render (On request) vehicle sprite prep for 2D animation
    Environment & Prop Design
    Look development, color keys, world building.
    What you receive: (2-3) environment and prop thumbnails  (1) full color environment render (On request) additional unique prop design
    Story Art & Cinematic Renders
    Marketing & promotional, story cut-scenes, team Inspiration.
    What you receive: (2-3) scene thumbnails  (1) full color story scene or cinematic render
      Contact orbitinkstudio@gmail.com for a quote. 
    *Delivery time and price are dependent on project size and complexity.

    "What is the normal rate for a good programmer? How much does a 3D model cost?"
    "What all do I need to make an entire level?"
    "How do I get my game on Steam? How do I make multiplayer servers? What is AWS/Gamesparks/Gamelift?"
    "Do I form a corporation before starting? Do I need a contract with this person to protect myself? Should I offer royalties?"
    "How long will X feature take to make? How do I make X feature work in my system?"
    "What is the pipeline for making a new character?"

    My current project, "Circuits and Shields" has been in development for nearly three long years now and along the way I've picked up about a million things that I'd do differently if I had the chance to start over. I firmly believe starting over from scratch that I could reach our current production level in about half the time and at half the cost.

    With the recent drop in bitcoin and my rapidly shrinking pockets, I'm looking to secure some extra funding for Circuits before we head into Kickstarter so I'm selling my services for upcoming projects. While soft skills are always a tough sell, I've built Circuits from the ground up as the guiding hand for every aspect of development. I've been in the unique position of serving as the sole link between every department, gaining familiarity with each step of the process. While I don't program or make the art myself, I've barked orders at these guys for years now. I will help you realize and understand things you never even thought about, whether that's in actual production pipelines or in the game design itself.

    I can't tell you how much it would have helped me to have someone more familiar with the process close to me where I could constantly just ask them questions as they came up. I can work hourly if you have a prepared list of questions or as a semi-permanent adviser to your project. I am currently offering my first couple consultations FOR FREE while I work out the kinks on how to best format this.

    Regardless of what state your project is in, whether it's just an idea and a forum post or you're halfway through development looking for a final push, I believe I can help you. Since it's going to be different for every project, I'm happy to sit down with you and work out a deal that's beneficial to both parties.

    Skillset(s): Director, Producer, and Game Designer
    10+ years trying to make games 3+ years actually making a game
    Previous Work:
    Circuits and Shields: http://circuitsandshields.com


    Email: cthomlison@gmail.com
    Skype: cthomlison

    Additional Information:
    Skillset includes but not limited to: Project Management, Budgeting, Recruiting, Idea Refinement, Gameplay Design, Marketing, Animation, 3D Modeling, Visual Effects (VFX), Sound Effects (SFX), General Do's and Dont's, Website Design, Community Outreach, Engine Choice, Multiplayer Architecture, and Distribution.

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