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  • Eforb Studio

    Eforb Studio

    By Eforb Studio, in Visual Arts,

    Dear colleagues,
    Eforb is a Ukrainian Game Development Studio based in Kyiv with over 60 members in our team.  We have a decade of professional game development experience on projects of all sizes.
    Eforb Studio has been creating games in different genres for our partners/clients including MMO games, HOBs, platformers, match-3, runners, simulations, construction, strategy, adventure, puzzle, and first-person shooters etc. By default, our specialists use Unity, Unreal, Html to create successful games.
    Our 3D and 2D artists and our animators (35 professionals) are all very experienced and have worked with large well-known entertainment brands.  And so, their attention to detail and quality is something our customers appreciate.
    In addition to in-house team we have established collaboration with large number of remote professionals, thus giving possibility to confidently meet all deadlines by scaling up when needed and can be your last minute savior as we are always ready to help you out.
    We take deadlines very seriously and throughout the entire game development process, our customers/partners have direct access to our team from the individual developer and artist to our CEO.  We encourage regular live communications in addition to leveraging game development monitoring and workflow tools.  We have found this level of communications to be very instrumental in quality, hitting deadlines and maintaining our client’s level of satisfaction.
    Please contact us at marketing@eforb.com, Skype Eforb Studio or call + 380 (98) 926-7868 to learn more about our very competitive pricing and the way our process works.  We can schedule a call to discuss your game dev and digital art needs in greater detail.
    Sincerely yours,
    Eforb Team

    kingdom_park_sound_subs.mp4 Post_Apocalyptic_Show_-_P.A.S._★_Free_Online_Shooting_Game.mp4

    4M2Q Games
    Are you an Indie Studio/Developer who needs help to create Websites, Apps, Tools, Games or maybe some outstanding 3D Assets? 
    Well, then this has to be your lucky day because 4M2Q Studios is looking to collaborate with great developers to help them achieve amazing high-quality products.
    4M2Q is a Game Development Studio based in Jalisco, Mexico. As part of our growth path, we are looking to work with other developers around the world and take part in different kind of projects.
    As indie devs, we know that sometimes it might be difficult to come with an outstanding game and that's why we are here! So stop hesitating and send us a message to contacto@4m2q.com now and talk to us about your project and your needs.
    Please keep in mind that we need money in order to feed our genius monkeys, but still, our fees are not going to damage your project budget and even if you are really limited on it, we can discuss and find out how to make it work for both of us.
    Sincerely, 4M2Q Studios 
    Super Astreus 2 [WIP]
    In-house Game Engine

    RenderDock Team provides a full pipeline for creating 3D projects for games & video. Our main specialization is the most accurate 3D reproduction of the most complex mechanisms, machines & elements of environment that require patient work with drawings & other available references. Visit us on https://renderdock.com  or https://www.artstation.com/renderdock 
    or check our PDF portfolio https://drive.google.com/file/d/11nBtZ7RWlOdNUhtQBorDPYz1LmO-lwif/view Get in touch with biz@renderdock.com if you have any questions
    We are focused on high-quality work and long-term cooperation & will be glad to become your external partner.
    Sincerely, RenderDock Team

    Hello all! 

    My name is Kai, a 19 year old college student based in Brisbane, Australia. I've set up a little business along with my friend where we make high quality soundtracks for cheap. We are wanting to get more experience working with clients, and hopefully grow our brand. We have done stuff for video games and movies in the past, and are currently trying to work with more devs, here's some examples of our work:
    If you are looking to have a custom soundtrack made for your next game, please don't hesitate to contact me at: lonesailormusic@gmail.com. thanks!

    We are a full-service 3D animation and art studio with over 5 years of experience in animation,explainers, app previews, videos for startups, game development, training simulators and other related industries.
    Visit us at https://collby.graphics and get in touch with hello@collby.graphics if you have any questions.
    Take a look at our showreel:

    Denis Snow
    Hello guys!
    I am a DJ and producer.
    On May 22nd will be released my first track in a label company from London...
    but I need money, so I decided that I should work a little for the Game Industry, 
    I work now in Downtempo and Ethno Genre of Music, but do cosmic and space sounds for me is not a problem.
    So? let's try to do something amazing together.
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/denissnowdj/
    You can listen to my tracks on SoundCloud:

    My name is Lee,l am the BD from FlareArrow.inc

    We are a Chinese outsourcing company located in the lnland city Chengdu,dedicates to game development since 2013.
    Our team is mainly focusing on 3D modeling,animation and environmental art,have various experiences in different projects.

    “Local price global quality ”is our company motto.
    We have over 40 members in our team,all ready to provide high quality service for your bussiness needs with comfortable price.
    To stay competitive in the game industry.We believe that our team will be your best choice.

    Looking forward to work with you in the near future!
    For further information, please contact though the following E-mail
    Mail: flarearrowbiz@gmail.com
    HP: http://www.cdgsj.com.cn/  (Chinese only)
    Thank you very much!
    Have a nice day.

    Robert Madsen
    PC. Mobile. Console. Web. VR. AR. IoT.
    SynaptixGames is a contract software development firm founded in Colorado in 2010. SynaptixGames focuses on games, simulation, visualization, and virtual reality. We have experience developing on mobile, desktop, and web platforms. SynaptixGames is an authorized developer for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. We have developed virtual reality projects for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, OSVR, Google Cardboard, and Microsoft HoloLens. We have plans for projects for the Google DayDream, PlayStation VR, Google Pixel, and upcoming line of Microsoft VR headsets. 
    SynaptixGames has created games in almost every genre including massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, platformers, match-three, hidden objects, time-management, endless runners, simulations, survival, construction, strategy, adventure, puzzle, and first-person shooters. We have created 2D, 3D, and Virtual Reality titles. We have used a variety of commercial and proprietary game engines including Unity, Unreal, Cocos2d, Marmalade, Torque, Game Maker, XNA, Dark Basic, Lumberyard, Flash, HeroEngine, and Game Salad. SynaptixGames uses Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team Services for our primary development platform. However, we also use XCode and Android Studio when required.
    SynaptixGames has developed over twenty titles that are available via the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Steam, and Oculus store. We have created games to entertain, train, and motivate. We are leaders in Gamification, Educational Games, Serious Games and Games for Change. We have created professional simulations used in the scientific, financial, and sports sectors. We have created visualizations used by the information technology and geographical information systems industries. We are driven by technology, passionate about quality, and absolutely dedicated to delivering software on the cutting edge to solve, entertain, and inspire.
    Finally, SynaptixGames is dedicated to the community. We volunteer at the John McConnell Math and Science Center and Mars Desert Research Station. We are members of the Mars Society and Planetary Society promoting the future of space exploration. We are involved with Computer Science department at Colorado Mesa University, serving as judges for the annual Student Showcase. We are actively involved in the tech and startup community, providing leadership and direction for co-working, gigabyte Internet, and other essential initiatives. We regularly speak to elementary, high-school, and college students. We support the robotics and maker community. We raise money children in need by taking part in Extra Life and Child’s Play events. We participate in the Game Education, Serious Games, Game Accessibility, LGBTQ+, Serious Games, and Women in games special interest groups of the IGDA. We contributed to the Quality of Life, Credit Standards, Employment Contract Fairness, Internet Freedom and Privacy, Sexism, Discrimination, and Diversity advocacy groups for the IGDA. We strive to be positive role models to students and our business and professional colleagues.

    Satsuma Audio
    Hi all!
    I am an experienced game composer + sound designer from the UK. I have worked in game audio for 8+ years now and worked on 30+ published titles. I can create professional, polished music + sfx in virtually any style. I love to get creative and tell a story with my work and strive to create something outstanding for every single project I work on. 
    I have experience with middleware such as WWise and really enjoy creating dynamic audio systems, it's also something I would love to get more experience with.
    You can check out my full portfolio and credits on my site http://satsu.ma

    Hey guys, I'm Chris 🤗
    With a BA Hons under my belt I've been a music composer and audio engineer for the past 9 years. I'm also a life long gamer and a dedicated composer who is seeking to build a network in the media industry, (especially gaming). I love tackling various genres ( my favourite is celtic/fantasy music), I'm dedicated and passionate in every project that I work on and I'm not afraid to take on a new path, here's a portfolio of my projects: 
    YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_PmIGk01Aif2hz6_h7ndMw
    Thank you for checking out my post, please feel free to contact me anytime  
    All the best, 

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