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  • A composer looking for projects (horror, rpg ect.)


    About A composer looking for projects (horror, rpg ect.)


    My name is Mika Pilke and I've been a hobbyist musician and music writer for about 20 years. For now I haven't been too active looking for projects that need sounds or music, but I'd like to change that.
    I've also been active gamer for 25 years, and it has been sort of a dream of creating them too. And since I like creating different atmospheres, it would seem quite logical move to offer my skills for someone who is developing them. Though of course I'm willing to do music for a lot more than for games only, if needed.

    I do have to mention that I'm not a rock-hard pro, but I am very serious with my stuff. Two years ago there was one project for what I did 30 songs/ambiences, but game never actually was finished. Does not really matter though, since it was a fun journey and did give some important experience nevertheless. I'm not sure of the total amount of songs I've done, but it is far over 100.

    As an artist I am quite versatile. I do have tendencies of creating a bit darker atmospheres, but really, feel free to ask anything or offer any kinds of projects! I might have something up in my sleeve. For now I have been mixing and mastering my work alone, but for commercial projects I do have some contacts I can use to master and enhance my creations to top quality (two ambient songs listed below are mastered a bit too quiet, since I lacked some tools for mastering back in the past).

    Right now I do have a full time job, so if you need 20 song in two weeks, I probably won't be able to do them all for you. But if you give me a month or (rather) few months, it definitely shouldn't be a problem. :)

    Anyway, here's some of my recent work. Everything you hear or see is my work (photos, 3D-modeling, animation, shooting, music, mixing, singing, editing ect.). Everything except artwork in the video of the song Hellbreaker in which Jaime Jasso has been creator of all the visual art.

    Dreamland Synthesis - Awaiting

    This song was made to serve as menu music or such (horror ect.).

    Dreamland Synthesis - Morbid Tomorrow

    Darkish ambient.

    Dreamland Synthesis - Nebula Core

    This one would maybe be suitable for some dark scifi-styled horror game.

    Dreamland Synthesis - Hellbreaker

    I think when I wrote this song I was imagining some sort of moment being chased.

    Dreamland Synthesis - In Peace

    With this one, my goal was to do a song that would fit to a RPG or JRPG. Village music?

    Dead Cold Ground - Towards Eternity

    This was my project at the beginning of this year. It kind of got out of the hand, and took almost a month to finish. :) Working alone takes it's toll.

    More Details

      Contact Email: mika.pilke@gmail.com
      Years Experience: 20+
      Willing to Travel: No
      Work On-site: No
      Availability: Quite instantly.
      Payment: Royalties. Depending of the size of the project.

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