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  • Madsen Studios LLC - Music, SFX, VO, Implementation


    About Madsen Studios LLC - Music, SFX, VO, Implementation


    I'm been working in game audio since 2005, on over 575 projects providing music, sound design, VO and implementation. Take a look at my demo reel and let me know how I can help make your next game come to life with great audio! I'm eager to work with creative, interesting projects. Plenty more videos and music files for you to browse through on my website: www.madsenstudios.com.

    Hit me up! nate (AT) madsenstudios (DOT) com


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    More Details

      Contact Email: nate@madsenstudios.com
      Years Experience: 13
      Willing to Travel: No
      Work On-site: No
      Availability: Right now!
      Payment: Check, Wire / Bank Transfer, Paypal
      Rate: Flexible

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