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  • Sonicreative, LLC - Composing . Sound Design . Audio


    About Sonicreative, LLC - Composing . Sound Design . Audio

    Are you looking for a custom score or theme for your game?  Just a few sound effects?  Full music score, audio production and resource management?

    Sonicreative has the expertise to handle any size project, from smaller all in-house sound design and music scoring, to large game audio and full orchestral scoring projects, utilizing our team of contract editors, foley stages, orchestrators and mix engineers.

    Sonicreative provides the following services for games of all sizes:

    • Composing
    • Sound Design
    • Audio Post
    • Project Audio Management

    I am the owner and composer for Sonicreative, with over 20 years of experience in film scoring, orchestration, audio post and project management.  Sonicreative's clients range from Hollywood feature films to top international companies. 
    We can work with your team using Game Audio Connect and Nuendo to integrate with your team and WWise.  Call or email for a quote, or just to talk about how we might help with your next game.  

    I look forward to talking with you about your game audio and music needs.
    - Dedric

    Please visit www.sonicreative.com for more information, a partial client list, as well as scoring, sound design and audio demos.

    Email:  dedric@sonicreative.com
    Phone: 719.660.2558

    Edited by Sonicreative

    More Details

      Contact Email: dedric@sonicreative.com
      Years Experience: 20
      Willing to Travel: Yes
      Work On-site: Yes
      Availability: Open
      Payment: Check, Paypal
      Rate: Project based

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