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  • 4M2Q Studios (Tech & Games)

    4M2Q Games

    About 4M2Q Studios (Tech & Games)


    Are you an Indie Studio/Developer who needs help to create Websites, Apps, Tools, Games or maybe some outstanding 3D Assets? 

    Well, then this has to be your lucky day because 4M2Q Studios is looking to collaborate with great developers to help them achieve amazing high-quality products.

    4M2Q is a Game Development Studio based in Jalisco, Mexico. As part of our growth path, we are looking to work with other developers around the world and take part in different kind of projects.

    As indie devs, we know that sometimes it might be difficult to come with an outstanding game and that's why we are here! So stop hesitating and send us a message to contacto@4m2q.com now and talk to us about your project and your needs.

    Please keep in mind that we need money in order to feed our genius monkeys, but still, our fees are not going to damage your project budget and even if you are really limited on it, we can discuss and find out how to make it work for both of us.

    Sincerely, 4M2Q Studios 

    Super Astreus 2 [WIP]



    In-house Game Engine



    Edited by 4M2Q Games

    More Details

      Contact Email: contacto@4m2q.com
      Years Experience: 2
      Willing to Travel: No
      Work On-site: No
      Payment: Wire / Bank Transfer, Paypal, Other - Contact me
      Rate: Depends on project

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