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  • Cathar Games - Indie-friendly experts in development and funding


    About Cathar Games - Indie-friendly experts in development and funding




    We're a team of seasoned professionals averaging a decade in the field.

    We specialize in indie projects that seek funding through the production of a demo, prototype, vertical slice, proof of concept or other and have a limited budget.

    We handle development, and advise (or carry out) business development initiatives.

    We were involved with Space Engineers, and more recently, Seas of Fortune (formerly The Whaler) which made IndieDB 2017's Players Choice award.

    If you think you have a great idea, are serious enough to carry it out, and only need a place to start, look no further!




    More Details

      Years Experience: 0
      Willing to Travel: No
      Work On-site: No

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