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  • Seasoned Game Programmer for 2D Projects


    About Seasoned Game Programmer for 2D Projects

    Hi! I’m Carlo, a game programmer and designer who started at the modding scene at 13. Been into game development for 4+ years by now. My passion is to put in collaborative work, my tech and design skills to give my best for the projects I work on be successful. Currently into remote jobs and contract work.

    I've work on several 2D game projects, such as Dungeons Souls , a procedurally generated rogue like on steam,  Fallen Angel, a top down hack and slash with verticality (itch). From there my core skill has become to be fast at prototyping, building and iterating over 2D projects. 




    • Computer Science Background
    • Game Design Background
    • Fast at prototyping
    • Documentation 
    • Localization


    Github. https://github.com/GapingPixel

    Email:  carlosmlg109@gmail.com
    Phone: +51 991688356



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    More Details

      Contact Email: carlosmlg109@gmail.com
      Years Experience: 4
      Willing to Travel: Yes
      Work On-site: Yes
      Availability: 20hrs~ per week, can considerate a full time position
      Payment: Paypal
      Rate: Per milestone - $17.5 hr

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