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  • Custom Game Art & Design


    About Custom Game Art & Design

    Jump start your game or creative project with custom concepts and visual development: 


    Character Design

    Design exploration, Concepts, animation prep.

    • What you receive:
      • (2-3) character thumbnails 
      • (1) full color character render
      • (On request) Character sprite prep for 2D animation


    Vehicle Design

    Practical or futuristic, Concepts, animation prep.

    • What you receive:
      • (2-3) vehicle thumbnails in 3D
      • (1) full color vehicle render
      • (On request) vehicle sprite prep for 2D animation


    Environment & Prop Design

    Look development, color keys, world building.

    • What you receive:
      • (2-3) environment and prop thumbnails 
      • (1) full color environment render
      • (On request) additional unique prop design


    Story Art & Cinematic Renders

    Marketing & promotional, story cut-scenes, team Inspiration.

    • What you receive:
      • (2-3) scene thumbnails 
      • (1) full color story scene or cinematic render

    Contact orbitinkstudio@gmail.com for a quote. 

    *Delivery time and price are dependent on project size and complexity.

    More Details

      Contact Email: orbitinkstudio@gmail.com
      Years Experience: 7
      Willing to Travel: No
      Work On-site: No
      Availability: Flexible
      Payment: Paypal
      Rate: Please contact for quote

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