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ACM is the Association of Computing Machinery. It is one of the oldest computing societies in the world. ACM organizes various special intrest groups, including SIGGRAPH. Visit the ACM website for more information.

Computer Gaming World

A magazine that provides previews/reviews of the latest games each month.


A college for Game Programming. (WWW) (Review Info)

Ethereal Darkness Interactive

Northampton, Massachusetts based Independent Game Developer founded by Raymond Jacobs and well known to GameDev.net; over the course of three years they designed, produced and sold the Indie game Morning's Wrath.


The online version of Game Developer Magazine. Updated regularly with articles from the magazine, as well as new online only articles. (WWW)

Game Developer Magazine

Game Developer Magazine is the premier paper publication for the industry. (WWW)

Game Programming Wiki

The Game Programming Wiki (or GPWiki for short) is an online community dedicated to covering material related to games development. This Wiki was created, and is maintained by the creator of the now defunct Lucky's VB Gaming tutorials, but unlike the previous site, covers material in any programming language, as well as a lot of material not specific to any particular language. The GPWiki can be found at www.gpwiki.org.


A game development resource site with articles, tutorials, design diaries and general information for game developers. (WWW)

GameDev.Net IRC Chat

GameDev.Net has an IRC channel #gamedev on the AfterNET servers. You can log on to 'irc.afternet.org' with any IRC client. Then type '/join #gamedev'.

GarageDeveloper International

Home to The Ongoing GarageWare Game Festival, GarageDeveloper International is a combination game publisher/organization whose focus is on bringing games developed by garage developers to the marketplace. (WWW)

Happy Puppy

A site for gamers and has some information for game developers as well. ()


A Macintosh game development site with tutorials, forums, game assets, code and information for Macintosh game developers.


International Game Developers Association. Community of professional game developers and local game developer chapters. Their website also includes forums, news and information to help the expanding community.


The International Game Developers Network. This is group that was created to bring more community to the game industry while also including people from other countries besides the US. (www.igdn.org)

Independent Games Festival

A competition that promotes independent developers by allowing them to display their games at the Game Developer Conference. (WWW)

Lionhead Studios

Formed by Peter Molyneux, the former owner/founder of Bullfrog and the creator of Populous and the god game genre.


A site dedicated to showcasing indepedent games. (WWW)

Morning's Wrath

Created by Northampton, Massachusetts based Independent Game Developer Ethereal Darkness Interactive; Morning's Wrath is a Classical Adventure/RPG game. The emphasis is placed on a strong storyline and intellectually stimulating game play. Players guide the main character, Princess Morning, through a series of locales containing tasks that require the completion of puzzles.


A Remake is generally a newly programmed version of an existing (usually quite old) game. Remakes can be true to the original, but most tend to use improved graphics or enhance gameplay with new ideas. There are several websites dedicated to making Remakes.(e.g. http://www.remakes.org)