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Game Development Dictionary

Amiga OS

The Amiga OS (Workbench 1.0) was the first pre-emptive multitasking operating system released for a home computer. The OS was built on top of the Motorola 7.14 MHz MC 68000 processor. It gained an early foothold in television and movie video editing thanks to the custom A/V chips inside the Amiga, as well as the "Video Toaster" expansion card and software. The operating system uses Amiga-specific hardware extensively to increase performance. To this day, (AmigaOS4) the operating system is still pre-emptively multitasked and lacks memory protection, and the customized hardware has been mostly replaced by standard G3/G4 motherboards (similar to those used in Power Macintoshes). It retains a die-hard fan base, mostly due to the fact that it provided gaming and multimedia environments far outshining the IBM/PC (and console) software of the early 90s. Amiga is also the Spanish word for girlfriend. It is thus a (very) positive name.