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Game Development Dictionary


1) Any graphical user interfaces 2) A group of operating systems published by Microsoft. Windows is currently one of the most popular computer platforms. Microsoft has created numerous versions of Windows, which include: * -Windows 1.0 * -Windows 2.0 * -Windows 3.0 * -Windows 3.1 (1.0 - 3.1 are not really an OSs but more of a GUI for DOS) * -Windows 3.11 (3.1 on steroids; made for networking) Note: Windows 95 - Me use DOS 7.0 as the underpinnings for the OS * -Windows 95 (introduces the current Windows look of today) * -Windows 98 (upgrade of 95, with more features. Intruduced the Explorer look) * -Windows 98SE (second edition of 98. This version featured many bug fixes.) * -Windows NT (the first non-DOS based Windows, used primarily for networking and other business-related uses. NT stands for "Networking Technology") * -Windows 2000 (aka NT5; The workstation/server OS) * -Windows ME (the upgraded version of Windows 98, which contains a few additional features; Generally not considered and OS) * -Windows XP (XP = eXPeriance; Win2k on steroids; The DESKTOP look has also been updated to a more slim-line look) * -Windows CE (CE = Compact Edition; the operating system used for mobile devices . This OS runs popular devices such as "Pocket PC", and "Hand-Held PC". ) * -PPC2002 (WinCE 3.0 Fine tuned for Palm-like devices)