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Pertaining to a Graphical User Interface (GUI).


A group of operating systems produced and published by Microsoft. Windows is currently one of the most popular computer platforms. Microsoft has created numerous versions of Windows. The oldest, Windows 1.0, was released in 1985.

Versions include:

*-Windows 1.0

*-Windows 2.0

*-Windows 3.0

*-Windows 3.1 // 1.0 - 3.1 are not really an OSs but more of a GUI for DOS

*-Windows 3.11 // 3.1 on steroids; made for networking

*-Windows 95 // introduces the current Windows look of today

*-Windows 98 // upgrade of 95, with more features. Introduced the Explorer look

*-Windows 98SE // second edition of 98. This version featured many bug fixes.

*-Windows NT // the first non-DOS based Windows, used primarily for networking and other business-related uses. NT stands for "New Technology"

*-Windows 2000 // aka NT5; The workstation/server OS)

*-Windows ME // the upgraded version of Windows 98, which contains a few additional features; Generally not considered a successful OS release

*-Windows XP // XP = eXPerience; Win2k on steroids; The DESKTOP look has also been updated to a more slim-line look

*-Windows XPe // Windows XP slimmed down for thin clients.

*-Windows CE // CE = Compact Edition; the operating system used for mobile devices. This OS runs popular devices such as "Pocket PC", and "Hand-Held PC".

*-PocketPC 2002 // WinCE 3.0 Fine tuned for Palm-like devices

For more info see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Windows